5 things to consider before having another baby

A growing family is a cause for celebration, but also a cause for serious thought. You may feel like you’re ready to bring another baby into the world, but this is a matter that requires lots of consideration. Having two children is a world of difference from having just one. If you’re considering having another baby, be sure to consider these 5 points before making your decision.

  1. Are You Financially Prepared?
    Your finances likely took a hit when you had your first child. Time lost from work in addition to medical expenses, diapers, baby food, clothes and a laundry list of other things, can really take their toll on your bank accounts. Are you ready to go through that all over again? Make sure that you don’t have heavy debts to deal with, that your credit score is high, and that you can be secure in your finances with another baby in the family. Being financially prepared is the first step to giving your child a great life.
  2. Are You Physically Healthy?
    Health concerns should always be considered at a time like this. Maternity complications increase with age, and some doctors would not advise having children once you have reached a certain point in life. The strain on your body might be too much to bear. In addition to this, as a parent of multiple children you will constantly on the move, tending to your babies. Make sure you’re physically healthy and ready for all the strenuous activity to come.
  3. Can You Handle the Emotional Strain?
    Being a parent to multiple kids can be extremely emotionally taxing, especially in the early years. You and your partner are going to be losing a lot of sleep and going through a lot of stress when you bring another child into your family. Make certain that you’re ready to handle this. The emotional strain of parenting multiple kids is sometimes too much for couples to bear. Ask yourself if you are up to the challenge, and be completely honest with yourself.
  4. Do You Have a Support Network?
    How tight is the rope that binds your extended family together. Raising a second or third child is very difficult, often requiring help from other family members. If your family cord is strong and you have a support network on which you can rely, then you will have a much easier time raising another baby. You might be able to do it alone, but it’s always better to have help. A large, loving family can help you raise your kids with all the love and attention they need.
  5. How Will You Handle Your Career?
    This is an important consideration for many parents. Having kids can have a significant effect on your career, especially when you’re going through your second or third birth. Someone in your relationship will likely have to give up their career temporarily to stay at home with the kids. Think about whether or not you’ll have to make this sacrifice, and ask yourself if you’re okay with it. Having another baby is a big commitment–ask yourself if you’re ready.


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