8 tips drive car safely for teens

You already know that you need to drive safely. You know that you need to follow the speed limit and not drive like a maniac. You know that being a safe driver isn’t just for you; it’s to keep your family safe as well

You know that accidents can happen in dozens of different ways and that if you are at fault for an accident you could be facing some serious consequences, including jail or even prison time if the cause of the accident was your unsafe driving. Even truckers can get into massive accidents which is why so many people who drive professionally choose to keep a Trucking Accident Lawyer on retainer.

So how do you drive safely? It’s more than simply keeping the car in your own lane. Here are some tips on how to be as safe as possible while you are behind the wheel of your car.

1. The easiest way to drive safely is to not drive while you are intoxicated. Even one small beer can impair your judgment and reaction time. So if you want to go out and have a drink, take a cab or the bus or ride with a designated driver!

2. Drive the speed limit. For every mile per hour your speed increases, you raise the likelihood of causing or getting into an accident by 4%. Speeding isn’t going to get you there any faster so slow down and follow the flow of traffic and the speed limit.

3. Learn how to drive safely in inclement weather. Take a course if you have to so that you know when to pump the brakes and when to apply steady pressure. Learn when to turn into a skid and against it. Learn how to drive in snow, on ice, through dust, through major rain, etc. Simply slowing down isn’t enough.

4. Reduce distractions. If you tend to get caught up in conversation or singing along to the radio, try not to drive with other people in the car and keep the radio off. It’s okay to tell people not to talk to you while you’re driving—that’s what keeps them safe.

5. Use hands free devices if you need to make a phone call (though, really, it’s better to stay off the phone while you are driving). The last thing you want is to have only one hand available to control your car if you get into a hairy situation.

6. Do not tailgate. Always leave plenty of space between you and the car in front of you (you want at least three or four seconds of lag time between you. Pick a stationary object on the side of the road and count how many seconds it takes between the time they pass it and when you pass it. If that number is fewer than four, slow down.

7. Do not text while driving. Do not text while driving. Do not text while driving. Do not text while driving.

8. Do not use the internet while behind the wheel. Do not use the internet while behind the wheel. Do not use the internet while behind the wheel.

These are just eight tips to help you be a better driver. Use them to help yourself avoid both getting into and causing accidents.


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