Law enforcement gear from AFMO

Soldiers, police officers, military, and even people who work in the outdoors should have clothing and accessories proper for their line of work. AFMO provides unique yet top of the line products that are guaranteed to suit any job category. Our clothing and accessories are made just for a purpose to satisfy many job industries.

Our combat gloves are made from top quality material ideal for military, officers, and outdoorsmen. We provide gloves from top companies including Petal, Nomex , Franklin, mechanix wear gloves and several more. All gloves are priced to fit within anyone’s budget. We offer gloves for many conditions like all-weather gloves, mechanic gloves, waterproof gloves, and cold weather gloves. Whatever industry you work in, you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit and type of gloves made just for you.

The line of boots we carry is beyond amazing. Our army acu boots are perfect for military, combat, or anyone who desire this style. All boots are guaranteed to last many years if not a while lifetime. We don’t just sell military boots; we also sell boots for any outdoor occasion like hiking boots, safety boots, and hunting boots. We also carry a line of boots just for women. These come in top of the line materials and brands as well. No matter the style, type, or color of boot one desires, our boots will succeed expectations. We even have a special type of glove for firefighters as these gloves are fire resistant.

AFMO doesn’t just specialize in gloves and boots. We also carry clothing, uniforms, bags, body armor and much more accessories. Our clothing is made ideal for certain industries like firefighters, soldiers, officers, and even EMC. We have clothing for all weather conditions for the men and women whose job consists of them being outside. We back all our products. We strive to make our customers life’s better and easier. Our prices can’t be beat and neither can our products. We carry a huge line of products for everyday living and working. Shop with us to save time and money. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free shipping. We almost always have special offers for our customers. So check back often to ensure these offers are worth it.

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