5 ways to improve your child’s self esteem

We all want to make sure that our children are growing up to be strong and secure individuals. Of course, plenty of adults have great self esteem. It’s tough not to feel pretty secure about yourself when you’ve gotten to the point where you’re a completely self-sufficient individual living in the world. Kids can have a pretty hard time with their self esteem, though, and many parents want to make sure that they’re doing everything they can to make sure they’re raising kids who think the best of themselves. With a good amount of self esteem comes a type of confidence that others can usually perceive, and this type of confidence is usually the sort of thing that has the ability to open serious doors in life. If you want to make sure you’re bringing up your kids to be smart and confident, we’ll talk about how you can go about raising kids with high self esteem and some seriously good manners.

1. Give Your Kids Some Responsibilities. Teach your children that they can be trusted to take care of things, and that they can do so successfully. Give your kids things for which they can be responsible. It might be smart to start out making these things easy, and giving them responsibilities that they more or less enjoy. As they get older, you can increase the level of responsibility that you give out, and can also start including things that need to be taken care of, despite not always being so much fun.

2. Always Be Realistic. It’s great to be positive and to always tell your children how wonderful they are, but it’s important to be realistic. Make sure failings and shortcomings are acknowledged, but make sure your kids don’t accept them as some sort of truth. Good self esteem doesn’t come from believing that you’ll be successful all the time, but rather from being able to accept that failure is often a part of the learning process, and not really such a bad thing.

3. Show Your Own Strong Self-Esteem. Children really do learn their self esteem, as opposed to simply inheriting it. You can do a lot to teach your kids good self esteem by practicing it yourself. Take good care of your body. Treat yourself and your living space with the respect that each thing deserves. Self esteem involves a lot of symbolic gestures by which you can show yourself your own value. These behaviors are easily learned by the little ones when we practice them around the house.

4. Set Your Kids Up for Success. This piece of advice dovetails nicely with the first one. Make sure that you’re setting your child up for success as much as you possibly can by giving them the tools they need. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you go about doing everything for them, but rather it means that you make sure that they’re properly equipped to do things for themselves.

5. Ditch Labels. There’s no need to encourage kids to define themselves by any kind of external label. A child dealing with asthma should not become “asthmatic.” There’s no need to box your child in, when human being are dynamic individuals that are often much more than the sum of their parts. We all want to make sure that we’re raising strong and confident children. You can visit a site like http://vimeo.com/transformationmovement for more ideas on how you can raise your kids to have the best self esteem possible.


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