What to pack for a family road trip

So, you and your family have decided to embark upon a family road trip, eh? Without a doubt, if you are looking for a way to create some lasting memories while seeing some planned (and not-so-planned) destinations in the process, that is definitely one way to do it.

And while you might already have your GPS system out and places marked on your maps of where to go, there is still one pivotal part of the trip that you can’t forget and that’s knowing what to pack. Although you don’t have to worry about the baggage fees that come with being on an airplane, a vehicle can only hold so much stuff and so it’s smart to back efficiently.

That’s why we’re here. To help you do just that:

Clothes that you can layer. One thing about a road trip is that while you’re riding, you could encounter a dramatic shift in the temperature as you go from one city (or state) to the next. That’s why it’s a good idea to pack clothes that you can layer from T-shirts to windbreakers to (if needed) a coat.

A First Aid kit. Cuts and scrapes happen, even when you’re on the road (especially with young children). It’s a lot easier if someone needs a Band-Aid or wants some aspirin for a pounding headache to reach in a First Aid kit in the car than if you have to pull over to look for a local drugstore on the way.

A (full) cooler. You might see a billboard for a restaurant that you haven’t tried before and so stopping at it can be fun. But to make the entire trip about eating out can become pretty expensive. Indeed, it can save you quite a bit of time and money if you take a cooler full of food along with you. Make sure to include items that everyone enjoys and will be appropriate for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For instance, you can have fruit and yogurt for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and cold pasta dishes for dinner.

Electronics (and chargers). While it might be nice if everyone wanted to sing “99 Bottles” or read a book, we live in an age of technology where kids want other options. When they do start to get restless, it can be to everyone’s benefit if there are a couple of laptops (or tablets) and DVD players around. Oh, and if it’s a really long trip, make sure to not forget to take along a couple of chargers (or an electricity power converter) as well. (There are even solar ones that you can find online!)

Insurance papers and car keys. Say that you make a stop to purchase some outdoor accessories at Outdoor Grove and you realize that you left your other set of keys on the counter. While you may be able to track them down, it could take a while before you can get them sent to you. Or say that your child gets food poisoning and s/he needs to go to the doctor. Both of these scenarios are good examples of why you should carry your health insurance car plus a couple of set of house keys along. Hopefully, you won’t need them but it’s good to have them. Just in case.


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