Work at Home Scams

Be alert to possible work at home scams to avoid being caught up in them.  There are a few items to look for that should tip you off to a possible online job opportunity being a scam rather than a legitimate job.

Avoid work at home scams but how?

Easy! Be alert to some key points to watch out for.  Don’t get impatient and jump at an opportunity without doing your research on the company first.  I say this from experience because we all fall for it at our weakest point no matter how smart we are.  As difficult as it may be, be patient.  Take this information to heart and find out all you need to before you apply.

Red Flags to alert you to an online job scam!  Make this your motto:  Never Pay for a Job.  Legitimate companies WILL NOT charge you a fee to work for them.

  • Check the BBB for complaints
  • Check
  • Get contact information – address, phone number, etc. (If they won’t provide it then I would think they are hiding something)
  • Newly established website addresses.
  • Personal email addresses instead of company email address – or instead of (name of company).com
  • Network – talk to others looking for wah jobs, check out wham bulletin boards.
  • Question those ads that say no experience necessary.
  • Check sites lke Yaho Yellow Pages and others to see if the company exists or can be found in their listings.
  • Never send copies of personal information to an address or tax number you can’t verify.
  • Go with your gut feeling, if something seems fishy or odd to you take that as a red flag.
  • Be very cautious when a company wants you to set up accounts or transfer funds.  It could end up getting you into a lot of legal troubles (it’s not worth it).
  • If a job seems to good to be ture, it probably is.
  • Job offers that promise you’ll make lots of money for very little work or very quickly – RED FLAG! Even an away from home job wouldn’t offer this!
  • Job offers that ask for a fee other than perhaps a fee for a background check.

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