Ways to tell your customers, “Shop Green, Shop with Small Business”

  Whether you are the little guy behind the counter or the little guy in front of a keyboard, if you own a small business, it’s time to send your clients and potential clients a message. That message is, “Stop spending your money with corporations who don’t care about the planet or its people, and deal with reputable, eco-friendly small companies instead.”

Certain corporations are not only destroying the world’s economy, they are destroying the planet and human lives though dirty and dangerous working conditions. They are also selling inferior and potentially dangerous products made in unsanitary third world huts. Small business is different, and small companies stand for a lot more than just profits at any cost to others. It’s time to take a stand and weed out the bad guys, even if they are bigger.

Seed Paper When you write this message, be sure to have it printed on Seed paper. Seed paper is a wonderful creation. It is biodegradable, chemical free and infused with flower seeds. If planted or even haphazardly discarded it will grow flowers, while the paper simply disappears. For a full selection of seed paper and seed cards, see CustomEarthPromos.com. They can print your message on lovely seed paper. That will get your customer’s attention.

Lanyards If you can word your message concisely enough, your customers can hang it around their necks, in the form of custom made lanyards. Find them here. These lanyards are made of recycled and renewable fibers, like organic cotton, bamboo and even corn polymers. They are reasonably priced and sturdily built.

Give Away Reusable Water Bottles Petroleum products pollute the environment and create dangerous fumes when produced and when burned. Plastic drink bottles are literally taking over the world, since people started buying water as well as sodas and juice in them. These flimsy bottles are hazardous to wildlife and are creating a lot of extra garbage at the landfill. Help your clients live greener lives by giving them a reusable water bottle. Reusable water bottles are great for the environment, and they also keep drinks cooler than thin plastic bottles.

It’s time to let your clients know that you care about the environment. Let them know that our planet simply can’t take any more abuse. As business people we should demand green products. We should also serve as an example to our clients, consultants, competitors and vendors. Green promotional products can send this message loud and clear to everyone who sees them.

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