Travel tip: cheap bus lines from Philly to NYC!


SUMMARY: Philly natives know NYC is where it’s at when the weekend comes, with plenty to do in the city. That’s why it’s important to find affordable transportation that leaves you cash to actually have fun upon arrival. Fortunately there are quite a few cheap bus lines running from Philly to NYC, with many departing from the Philadelphia Greyhound terminal. How do you choose which bus to take? Go for one that is not only affordable, but also safe and known around town for getting where you want to go.

Yo! Buses is one such company – their name may be odd, but their fares are unbeatable. Offered by both Greyhound and Peter Pan, prices start as low as $12 and drop you off at New York City’s Chinatown. On the two-hour bus trip, enjoy free Wi-Fi and power outlets to charge up your Smartphone before hitting the town. is another bus line service that will get you between Philly and NYC for around $12 one-way. The bright side of this service is the price does not change on the weekends – so you can afford to travel when you want to without breaking the bank. uses VIP Tours as their official bus service, as well as Yo! Buses.

Finally, Pet Pan bus lines features their own express service between Philadephia and New York City. Their express fares are literally as low as $1.00 and still include all of the amenities you’ll need for a couple of hours on the road. These fares are limited, but still available every day. To ensure you receive this low price, purchase your ticket at least 21 days before you plan to travel.

How exactly do transit companies keep their fares so low? Affordable travel is possible because of the hot demand between the two cities. Hence, booking early will always guarantee you the best price and a comfortable ride. Many also purchase a bus for sale locally – this greatly reduces overhead cost and allows them to pass on the great savings to the passenger.

When using a bus service traveling between the two cities, ensure the buses are safe and modern. The last thing you need as part of your weekend plans is a breakdown on the side of the Interstate. Always check online reviews of the bus company you opt to go with – personal referral is always best, and the Internet provides plenty of it.

Cheap bus fare from Philly to NYC is possible! With $12 in your pocket – and sometimes even less – you can land yourself some sweet transportation next time you head to the city.

Bio: Tamara M. Warta is a freelance writer interested in visiting East Coast cities on affordable, safe buses purchased through This Pennsylvania bus dealer always has a bus for sale that’s perfect for local transport companies. To learn more about the vehicles acquired for such affordable bus lines as mentioned in this article, visit

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