8 Things that women hate about men

There is no perfect man, at least according to a recent study conducted on two thousand women. Most women are high-maintenance if we were to judge them for our point of view. Maybe we like to leave the light on, or use their toothbrushes, but that is only because we love them! Nevertheless, let’s take a look at the eight things that women hate about a man, and try to fix them:


  1. Men think that they are entitled to everything. There might be a little truth to this statement. Most guys take things for granted, so it would be a great idea to remind our partner why they chose us once in a while. A small surprise once in a while can work miracles.
  2. Men have huge egos. Actually, we don’t have such huge egos, but we like to make people think that we are always in control, even if we aren’t most of the time. Don’t be afraid to open up in front of your partner. Talk about the things that make you insecure, and strengthen your relationship.
  3. Friends always come first. We really enjoy going out with our buddies, and watching a game once in a while, but this doesn’t mean that our girlfriend is less important. However, if she is feeling insecure, try to show her that she is the one important thing in the world.
  4. Men become predictable after a while. What women truly hate, are predictable men. It is not enough to get a girl to like you, you also have to work in order to keep her interest. You don’t have to come up with something new every time you go out, but try to do something different at least once in a while.
  5. Men who look after other girls. There’s nothing wrong with looking, but apparently you shouldn’t do it while she is watching. Women don’t understand that this is the type of thing guys do, without thinking too much about it.
  6. Men who are unkempt. ¬†First of all, taking care of yourself is something you shouldn’t do for her, but for you. If you don’t care about the way you are dressed, whether or not you are shaved or if you smell nice, this means that you have no ambition whatsoever, and you don’t respect yourself.
  7. Lack of romance. Women are hopeless romantics. Men on the other hand, are more down to earth, and most of the times they don’t need to express their feelings, even if they are there. Make a grand romantic gesture once in a while.
  8. Inability or fear of commitment. It is wise to be aware of the moment that the relationship becomes more serious. Once you feel that you and your girlfriend have taken the relationship to a new level, you should also become exclusive. Most men fear the ‘define the relationship’ talk, but it is time to grow up, and make the right decision.


All in all, we can’t say that women are unreasonable. Actually, most women strive to make their men better. With a little effort we might just learn a thing or two from our partners.

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