Tuning the patio into a chic retreat

One of the major points of criteria that people have when shopping for a new home is space for entertaining, and outdoor living spaces have become a huge trend. In fact scores of homeowners will invest in updating their decks and patios before upgrading their bathrooms and bedroom. We are creatures of habit and are highly social, and as a result we are driven by instinct to provide a place in (or out of) our homes for entertaining and drawing our friends and family to us.
Lawn chairs and a trashcan full of burning wood simply won’t do. Today’s design trends make it easy to expand the indoor living space out onto a deck or patio for optimum comfort and entertaining possibilities. By exploring All Backyard Fun’s Blog you can get some great tips on subjects ranging from decorating ideas to furniture types.

Consider the weather
Before you set off on transforming your outdoor living space, you must consider what the typical weather is in your area, and design the space with functional items. For example, if you live in Wisconsin you will have more cold nights than someone in Southern California. You would also want to invest in furniture that can withstand freezing conditions during the winter. If you live in Washington State where there is lots of rainfall, you will want to get something that can withstand wetness. In other words since wrought iron rusts when it is exposed to lots of water, you may not want to buy this type. Consider wicker instead; it is durable and can withstand severe conditions.

Get primordial
We all need fire. It was man’s first invention, and it serves many purposes for outdoor living spaces. A fire pit or fire feature will not only provide warmth and comfort on cold nights, it will also create a calming ambiance. These fixtures come in a wide variety of designs and materials to appease the aesthetic tastes of anyone. You could get a sleek fire table made from onyx to compliment the minimalistic look, or you could get a classic fire pit. Since the dawn of time fire has brought people together and served as the backdrop for storytelling and preserving the family’s heritage. Embrace your friends and family and continue this human tradition from the comfort of your patio.

Take your seat
When it comes to creating your outdoor sanctuary, picking the right furniture is at the forefront of importance. The most common types of outdoor furniture include chairs, lounges, sofa sectionals, tables and patio dining sets. According to HGTV a great way to customize your outdoor living space is to invest is some neutral patio furniture and use accent pillows and accessories as a way to better integrate your own style. When buying patio furniture, do not focus so much on color, as your patio theme’s colors will be primarily showcased via accessories.

Explore the Internet
There are many types of outdoor furnishings, and scores of blogs on designing and decorating patios. Explore your options in order to get a good idea as to what type of atmosphere you want to provide your friends and family with when you engage in outdoor entertaining.

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