Mom, Do You Know Yourself?

Do you remember the song from the movie Mahogany?  The song went, “Do you know where you’re going to?  Do you like the things that life is showing you?  Do you get what you’re hoping for?   When you look behind you, are there no open doors.  Do you know?”

What are your life plans for the month?  I bet if I asked you what your family’s plans for the month were, you could come up with a host of activities.  You probably also know the list of to-do’s that your spouse needs to accomplish as well.  What about you?  What are your plans?   

As moms, we often forget to dream for ourselves. Many times we ride on the dreams of our husbands’ and children’s accomplishments and forget that we can dream the impossible dream for us. When we work toward a goal, it fuels and fills us. It gives us a new sense of purpose. It sets the right example for our children—that we can self-accomplish and be nurturing and loving.   

Have you ever said to yourself that you were going to go back to school or pursue a new interest when your child reaches that magical age?  When that age arrives, you find that you have forgotten what it was that was once important to you. This is why as a mom you must not delay but must decide what you want to do with your life.  

Here are four steps to help you act today: 

1. Write down five things you want to do with your life.  Remove all limitations, and dream big! 

2. What do each of these goals require?  (For example, to attend graduate school I might need to take evening or weekend courses, when child-care is most available from my family.) 

3. List five reasons you think this idea won’t work.  Answer the following questions for each: 

  • How can this opportunity work?
  • What do I have to overcome to accomplish this?  (Do you need child-care,   financing, or is it plain motivation?) 

4. What are the benefits?  What will I gain by venturing into this new experience?  Will I make new friends, learn something new, expand my earning power? 

5. Get your questions answered before making any decisions.  Don’t talk yourself out of what you want.  Get all the facts first….then make an informed decision and take action.

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