Decorating for a new addition to the family

Sometimes, the best part about having a newborn is getting his or her nursery ready for arrival. Because you’ll be spending a lot of time(alright, all hours of the day and night) in that one room, you want it to be organized, aesthetically pleasing, and soothing.  Whether you’re starting from scratch or adding to an existing room, here are some points to consider when decorating a nursery for your little one.

First, you’ll want to keep gender in mind. Will you work with a theme? For girls, many parents choose pinks and sparkles; for boys, many parents choose blues and trucks. Do you prefer the nursery to beneutral, or do you want to go for something that will stand out a little more?

If your child is sharing a room with a sibling, you’ll want to choose a color theme that works best for both of them. If the room is large enough, consider the option of separating the baby’s room with his/her sibling’s side. Choosing a neutral hue is your best bet because it’s the perfect base for a changing and evolving room foundation. As your child gets older, furniture and decorations can be moved in and out as your child (or you) are in need of change.

Another thing to keep in mind is the amount of years your child will likely appreciate the room. Will he or she enjoy the nursery at age four or five? Will you be able to make subtle changes, or would you have to redecorate the entire room once your child grows older? This is something to keep in mind because unless you have the time and money to keep making adjustments to the room, you’ll want it (and its contents!) to last as long as possible.

Most expectant parents can agree on one thing: Staying within your budget is a tedious task when planning for a new addition to the family. When preparing your nursery, there are ways to keep costs downwhile still having the nursery you’ve always dreamed of. Have you ever thought of using stickers or painting the walls? Custom Decals from Wall Decal World are a great way to create a unique and customized room, and the site is complete with decals that work with any style or theme.Next, try scanning pages from your favorite children’s book and framing them. These cute images look adorable on walls, and you can create a theme throughout the room. Another idea is using wallpaper on drawer fronts! This adds a pop of color to a potentially boring piece and is super easy to DIY (Thanks for the inspiration, Pottery Barn Kids!). If you don’t already visit yard sales, start: Often, you’ll find gems in your own neighborhood when you frequent local yard sales. If you find a piece of furniture, why not paint it to match the motif you’re going for? Lastly, cheap baskets are perfect for storage, and when stacked on top of each other, they add a charming touch to the room. Good luck, and remember – this should be fun!

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