Two craft ideas with graduation photos

Graduation is a monumental time not only in your child’s life, but for family and friends too. As we have watched those kids near and dear to us grow up to graduate, we take pride in their success. Having a special momentum to honor their graduation will be a life-long treasured item. The first step is to find a quality photographer to take those senior portraits. Colorado Senior Pictures makes it possible for moms to take the photos of their graduating son or daughter, and transform the images into some fun and creative gifts for those who played a special role in the child’s life and upbringing.

Decorative pillow art

Accessories for a sofa, comfy chair or daybed will make any room pop with character. Pillows are inexpensive ways to add flare to a room’s décor. So why not give the gift of a pillow that can also be a graduation momentum? Just take your son or daughter’s high school senior photo and copy it to a piece of transfer paper. Then follow the manufacture’s instructions when it comes to ironing the image onto the fabric. Typically, you will want to cut the image out leaving 2 or 3 inches on every side. Then cut out a second piece of fabric of the same size. Layer the pieces with the sides together and sew a seam about ½ inch from the edges leaving the bottom completely opened. Stuff the pillow with your choice of filler (down feathers perhaps) and sew the bottom shut. This would make a great gift for Grandma’s sofa or for that favorite uncle’s office chair.


Unique wall art

A touch of the rustic is huge in today’s design trends, so why not incorporate your grad’s image into something vintage that will accent a loved one’s room? Go hit the antique stores or restoration shops, and find an old wooden window frame. You can turn it into a display piece to house multiple images of the high school grad. Simply fit a piece of matting and a photo into each opening. You can display photos to show the grad progressing from a baby all the way to his graduation photo. Or you can simply display the graduation photos as they are. You can even get some old hardware to add to the frame for a touch of character. As for treating the wood you can either leave it as is, or treat it with silver leaf to fill the cracks and make it pop just a little bit more.


Striking the pose

Professional photographers who specialize in taking graduation photos are always worth hiring. The only downside is that they don’t know your child and therefore may not entirely capture all of his or her personality. By knowing how to pose for the camera your child can discuss some ideas with the photographer to find common ground in getting the best shots. For example, based on certain facial features, knowing what angle to shoot or how to tilt your head may make a huge difference in the final product.

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