Vacation Safety Tips

We are preparing for our family vacation (haven’t had one in years). Really looking forward to it, and getting some necessary things done at the same time. And while family vacations are fun and wonderful experiences, there is a concern about safety issues especially when traveling with children.

Here are a few tips we are implementing to help ease our minds that you may want to consider when you travel with your family.

Airport Safety – Always keep an eye on your luggage and never leave it unattended. To avoid someone else picking up your carry-on bag, try not to place it on the conveyor belt until you’ve been security checked yourself and right about to walk through the metal detector. Once you put it on the conveyor belt keep a close eye on it.

Road Safety – It’s a great experience to drive in another country but it can also be very stressful and even dangerous. Before your trip, get information on what driving is like in your destined country and if there are any particular laws you need to know about. Such as in California, when driving you must use a hands-free device if you are going to be on your cellphone. You should try not to be on your cellphone while driving unless it’s an emergency or your are getting directions. Hand the phone off to another passenger so you can concentrate on driving and where you are going; you’ll need to pay close attention to all road signs.

Hotel Safety – Always know where your closest emergency exits are in case an emergency should happen to occur. Keep valuables in a safe.

Rental Car Safety – To avoid being detected as a ‘tourist,’ practice with your rental car controls and features before driving it. Don’t go out in a car with a rental-company logo on the bumper or windscreen. This automatically announces you as a tourist and makes you more vulnerable to attacks by thieves. Another thing that makes you easily detected as a tourist are maps, hotel documents and guidebooks visible in your car. Make sure you keep them out of sight while they are not being used.

If it’s possible to roam your mobile phone in the country do it, and if not get one to use internationally; it will be useful especially in case of emergencies at your destination and for making contact with your base back home.

Stay on the main roads and near people at all times. Try not to wander down unfamiliar roads or alleys just as a short cut. Stay safe and enjoy your vacation.

Sight-Seeing Safety – The most important safety tip: Always keep a close eye on your children. Children aren’t aware of the dangers around them and won’t act any different in unfamiliar surroundings. Place a safety card in your child’s pocket including your name, contact details and hotel information. You can also tape this information on a card directly on your child’s back or stomach under their clothes. Anything else that may get lost or stolen can be replaced. Keep your kids close and safe.

Personal Property Safety – Don’t wear expensive jewelry or carry expensive bags, cameras or laptops and try not to appear as a tourist too often. Always, always keep a close eye on your bags. It’s a good idea to actually carry your cash, identification and credit cards in your pocket and not in your main bag.

It’s a common scam for thieves to steal bags from right under someone’s seat when they’re dining and preoccupied chatting. Be especially careful with your bags when sitting down at restaurants. Always be aware of where your personal belongings are.

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