Getting rid of termites in the house: some options

If you’re on the ‘natural above all’ side of the debate between organic substances and synthetic chemicals, then finding yourself faced with a termite infestation within your own home might come up as a twofold conundrum. Not only would you be faced with one of the most resilient and damaging type of household pests out there, but you would also find yourself forced to accept the option of using chemical substances to solve it. Luckily, nowadays most products have been thoroughly tested and there are a few aspects to this worth bearing in mind.

  • Most pesticides have been tested for toxicity levels against domestic animals and humans. Most of them are not toxic and in the case of those which are, you will be fully warned and instructed on how long you need to vacate your home for, during the extermination procedure.
  • Some companies do use organic pesticides. While they are a more costly alternative and stand to drive the termite inspection cost upward, in some cases they are well worth the investment. An extermination service provider that uses organic chemicals will probably also implement a comprehensive approach to pest control, which entails regular inspections, to assess the risks your home runs in becoming infested again.
  • Synthetic chemicals are far more effective and efficient in getting rid of the pests as quickly as possible. There are other options available for homeowners facing a termite crisis, but these tend to draw out for longer spans of time and may ultimately prove less efficient.

Chemically obtained poisons will eradicate the termite colony within your home in either one of two ways. They will attack the termites’ stomach or they will hormonally alter the body of the termite, in order to make sure they do not fully regenerate after molting. The best part about using such a solution is that it targets the entire colony in one blow, not just worker or swarmer termites. Termites will gorge on the dead bodies of their colony members – as such, if one has become infested with poison, the poison will thus spread out throughout the entire colony.

If you do choose to go for baiting, bear in mind that it might take you as long as six months before you see some definite signs of improvement. Baiting means you will be placing boxes with bait as close as you can to your home’s foundation and then waiting for the bait to work its effect on the termites. You can also choose to have your home fumigated, if the termite situation has reached unacceptable heights or if you urgently need to see it taken care of. In the case of fumigation, you will definitely have to leave your home for three to five days.

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