Buying clothes for husband for 2013

My dad usually would buy a pair of jeans and shoes and rough it out till it was too shameful to even donate it to Goodwill. I would always think why didn’t he ever update his wardrobe like mom did or why didn’t she ever buy him a summer surprise. When I got into a relationship with my husband and even after getting married, I liked him to be fashion forward (even though it’s me that does it for us).

But what happens to your man? So what if you’ve been married for so long and he rather spend his money on the kids or you. Come on; do up his wardrobe this spring/summer with a little dapper touch.

Here’s what you can make him wear in the spring/summer 2013 season:


Florals are in this spring summer and I want to see a man be a man and put on some roses. A classy dapper look would be a steel grey suit, which are hot this season, a white shirt and a gorgeous tiny floral printed tie.

If you have a little girl, have daddy and his daughter match up with a similar printed dress and tie or coordinate the color.


Loafing around just got classy! Buy him a pair of loafers this spring; they look dapper with jeans, informal pants and even shorts.

These are super comfy to get in and out of and can be worn all day long. Get a standard color like black or camel that will go with almost all of his fashionable outfits you got him.

What women call Pastels and men call Chalky

Cool, soothing colors are in and classy, take a trip down to the mall with him and sift through the racks for men’s sport shirts; you’ll something that you’ll call pastel green and he’ll call it chalky green. Yup, those colors are in.

I reckon you have experienced how impatient men get when it comes to shopping and spending time at the mall. If your guy is the patient sort, I envy you! Pair the jeans with a pastel shaded Polo top; Polo’s have a knack of looking formal in a formal setting and can be pulled off as casual when need be. Let him Slip into the loafers and spray on him some really tantalizing cologne. If he chooses to keep his shirt tucked in, make sure he has a belt on that matches his footwear.

Leather Jackets

Spring wear is hitting the stores, but it seems pretty cold outside in some areas. A number of designers have launched leather jackets in the spring/summer 2013 collection. If you live where it’s cold and he doesn’t have a leather jacket, I’d suggest you get him one that suits his personality and style.

Whether it’s the big biker boy jacket or the suave office man’s dandy style, pick whatever you think he’ll like. Offer to be his stylist and pair it up with a plain round neck tee under and khakhis or slim fit pants in beige or ivory.


Remember, your husband will look as good as you dress him. Get your creative juices flowing as spring/summer arrives. Search online and in stores. You can also gift him an outfit if he has a birthday coming up in the season.


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