Why high waisted jeans will work for you

Jeans, jeans, jeans. So many styles, so little time. Flared, skinny fit, even for the brave those jeans with a high waist.

More often than not, I choose jeans that are long enough to fit me, above all other considerations. At 5’ 10’’, I’m taller than average and as such I struggle to find jeans which suit. Many unhappy hours have I spent wrestling with jeans in the changing room, only to find that the prospective pair was too short or too baggy.

Due to these struggles, my wardrobe consists of jeans which fit well, but which really are not very inspiring on the fashion front. However, since more stores have started to sell a ‘tall’ range of jeans and other types of clothing, I now have a wider choice of jeans to choose from.

So, I have started to re-evaluate the type of jean I wear. First up in my consideration is the skinny jean. For ten years or more I have been religiously wearing skinny jeans at every available opportunity, convinced that I looked stylish and sexy. However, a disastrous picture emerged last month of me at a party. In the picture, I am sitting on a chair with what looks like a cushion on my lap. Upon closer inspection, I realised that what I thought was a cushion was in fact my stomach, above the place where my skinny jeans had nearly cut me in half. The shame.

So, after that particularly embarrassing realisation I decided to look elsewhere for jeans to suit. As I am tall, I decided to give the flared jean, the jean of my youth, a second chance. Yes, when I put on the flares I found in a groovy second hand shop, I felt good. They were nowhere near as tight as the skinnies I had been wearing and they moved with my body – an unusual feeling! Having the flares at the bottom meant I had more choice as to what to wear on my feet, so I could easily pop to the shops in my trainers if I needed to. This was something which had been a little tricky beforehand.

However, there were also a few problems with the flares. Lots of the lovely spring tops I had bought pre jeans-gate were floaty and shimmery in appearance. Whilst the flowing nature of the tops were offset perfectly by the skinny jeans, when I teamed them with flared jeans I just looked a little frumpy. Keeping up with fashion is important to me, so I decided that, sadly, flared jeans just didn’t cut it either.

It was at this point that I came across a completely different type of jean altogether – high waisted jeans. Although I thought that these jeans had gone out of fashion in the 1990s, I was pleased to find out they are on trend for 2013. The high waist holds your tummy in and generally smoothes and flattens your midriff area. They also lift your bottom, so you have a more pert rear end, which is very pleasing to the eye! Another benefit is that on cold days your midriff is more protected from any chilly drafts, which is nice.

So now I have found the perfect solution, jeans with a high waist. I can still wear skinny jeans, I now just have the added benefit of the appearance of a flatter stomach. No more embarrassing snaps for me!

Author Bio:

Georgia Goldman is a teacher who chooses to wear her jeans with a high waist.

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