How to buy a baby stroller

Scarcely a parent in the country raises a child without eventually purchasing a stroller. There are hundreds of different products on the market and dozens of factors on which to base your decision for a stroller purchase. Shopping for something as essential as a stroller can be a truly dizzying process.

Remember to look for these important features and make the shopping adventure much easier on yourself.

  1. Full Travel Convenience Options
    If you’re anything like the millions of other parents in the country, your list of essential baby supplies is longer than a Russian novel. With so many things to buy, multiple use products are essential for their convenience and low cost. Full travel strollers give you both a stroller and a car seat in the same package. Your baby’s stroller seat detaches from its base and easily converts into a perfectly safe seat for driving. Consider this one of your essential features in any baby stroller you consider.
  2. Comfort and Safety for Your Baby
    Your baby needs to be both comfortable and safe in the stroller, so be sure to take a good look at the seat and safety harnesses of any stroller you see while shopping. There should be sufficient padding to give your baby a gentle and comfortable ride. Be on the lookout for well-padded adjustable safety belts as well. You want your baby to be secure in the stroller seat without being uncomfortable, and this requires a delicate balance of engineering and design.
  3. A Canopy to Block Out the Elements
    Baby skin burns more easily in the sun than you’d expect. Even the strongest sunscreen on the market might not be enough to keep your baby comfortable and risk-free in the stroller on sunny days. Be sure to look for a stroller that has a built-in canopy that can shield your baby from the sun, as well as any other unexpected elements like rain or snow. A good canopy will offer full coverage and long term durability to keep your baby safe until he or she grows too big for the stroller.
  4. Adjustable Handle Height
    Nothing is worse for a hard-working parent than a strained back. Protect yourself from unnecessary aches, pains and fatigue by looking for a stroller that will allow you to maintain a comfortable posture while you walk. If you have to bend over to reach the stroller handles, you’ll be straining your back every time you go for a walk. Look for a stroller with adjustable handle height that will allow both you and your partner to walk comfortably; an essential feature for Disney stroller rentals as well as your own private stroller for home.
  5. Wheel Locks for Peace of Mind
    It only takes a moment for a stroller to start rolling away if you take your hands and eyes off of it. Keep this nightmare from becoming a reality by making sure that your stroller has wheel locks. Before you take your hands off the handles, you can lock up your stroller’s wheels and make sure that it never gets away from you. Features like this are essential for both your child’s safety and your peace of mind.


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