Awww I Missed National Ice Cream Day!

Ok so I’m one day late on this. I missed National Ice Cream Day yesterday, July 20th but I’m not missing out on the possiblity of winning some 😛 I was reading through some blogs and found an Ice Cream Giveaway contest here.

Now you know I have to enter this one! Why? Not only for the obvious reason – I LOVE ICE CREAM but because as a mom of two kids with very different tastes. One eats vanilla and the other one eats chocolate I never get to pick.

We’ve had Vanilla, Homemade Vanilla, French Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, etc., etc., etc. or Chocolate, Double Chocolate, etc. You get the idea huh?

Hubby always wants the same thing: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.

When do I get to choose? With 4, 6 or 8 pints I can get them their usual vanilla and chocolate and cherry and I can get to indulge in what I like.

Here’s what I’d like to win:
1. Vanilla
2. Chocolate
3. Cherry
4. Butter Pecan
5. Macadamia Nut
6. Mint Chocolate Chip
6. Chocolate Chip
7. Pistachio
8. Cookies & Cream

Wish me luck and come join in on the fun!

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