Should your child take advanced placement classes

Although high school should be a time for your children to make some lasting memories thanks to things like sports, prom and class trips, there’s no way around the fact that those four years are also to be used in order to prepare them for the next stage of their academic life: college. And one of the best ways to get them ready for that is to have them take some Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

There’s a pretty good chance that both you and your children are pretty familiar with what AP courses are, but if you want some clear cut reasons as to why you should encourage your kids to take a few, we have five good ones below:

AP classes will prepare you for college. The curriculum of AP classes are specifically designed for students who desire to develop the kind of essay writing and problem solving skills that will make it easier to handle the demanding workload that comes with having a college education.

AP classes will provide you with college credit. One challenge that a lot of parents face is finding a way to pay for their children’s college education for all four (or more) years. Well, by taking some AP classes, your child can actually earn enough credits to put them a semester or two “ahead” once they are accepted into the college of their choice. That means it could save you thousands of dollars.

AP classes will make it easier to get scholarships. Speaking of finding ways to pay for college, during your junior and senior year, it’s always a good idea to apply for a few college scholarships. Well, if you have some AP classes listed on your report card, that tends to make you more appealing to scholarship committees. That’s because it shows evidence of the fact that you take your education seriously, which makes them more willing to financially invest in you.

AP classes could get you accepted quicker and in the classes you want. Colleges literally see thousands of college applications each year. So, if you want to “stand out”, one way to do that is to have some AP classes listed on your transcript. It sends the message that you are somewhat aware of what the academic atmosphere of college is actually like. Plus, as you’re trying to get into classes each semester, there’s a good chance that thanks to your AP classes and advanced standing, you’ll be able to better secure the classes that you desire to have.

AP classes will take some of the pressure off. Suppose that you already know that you want to major in finance or business and then get an online accredited MBA. This means that you have quite a bit of schooling ahead of you. Well, if you have taken some AP classes, it can help to relieve some of the academic pressure because since you already have some credits, you don’t have to pile quite as many hours onto each semester. This gives you more time for elective courses and fun with your friends. It’s definitely a win/win all the way around.


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