5 benefits of music education for kids

The results are in – musical education can benefit kids in innumerable ways. Musical education can have a “Mozart Effect” of sorts and can result in children performing better in other subjects as well, especially math and science. Moreover, 71% of students who take some type of musical training will get into less trouble and have the lowest levels experimenting with alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Moms should listen up and be a little bit more steadfast when their child throws a tantrum about having to take piano or violin lessons. In fact, moms should make musical education for their kids mandatory. Here are 5 ways music education can benefits kids.

  1. Having your children participate in musical education will increase their memory and brainpower. The earlier you encourage them the more their young brains will wire accordingly to allow for more memory retention. This alone will have a number of benefits that will last them their entire lives. Because playing music and reading notes effects a very specific part of the brain, it can literally change the way a young brain develops. This will boost their ability to perform in school and in their future occupation.
  2. Musical education also teaches your child patience. You’ll be hard pressed to find many patient children, but because learning an instrument is such a long and dedicated process, it will teach them to take their time – not just with instrument, but also with everything else they are doing in life. This can be an invaluable lesson for children that they wouldn’t otherwise learn if they weren’t taking music lessons.
  3. And because learning a musical instrument teaches your child a number of different skills, it can increase their confidence and self-esteem. Studies show that kids who have mastered an instrument earlier in life are more self-assured. Moreover, they take criticism better, which can be hugely beneficial with teachers, school bullies and even future bosses.
  4. Next, musical education can teach a child how to work better with others. In some cases your child might be collaborating with other kids when they play their instrument. For instance, they might be in a band or the school orchestra. This can be beneficial in and of itself, because learning how to work well with others is a crucial life skill. It will also make it a lot easier for the band to come together and decide on a group name so that they can finish that band press kit.
  5. Lastly, musical education can teach your children how to think more creatively and can give them the tools they need to think more analytically. This is important because it can give them the power to think outside the box and to come to solutions and answers to complicated problems. This can make them incredibly valuable later in life to many competitive and high-earning positions, like lawyers, doctors and more. If you are the mother of a young child, it might be wise to encourage them to pick up an instrument or to take lessons, sooner than later. It could be the smartest parenting choice you make.


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