Nursery ideas for your new baby’s room

If you are setting up your nursery for the first time or even for the second or third and just want something different, try Little Giraffe blankets and bedding. There are a variety of styles to choose from no matter what your lifestyle. The Chenille collection is luxurious and comfortable, yet easy to clean and in colors for both boys or girls. It has a satin picture frame border that surrounds a very soft and plush blanket. It is versatile and made from the poly-microfiber that everyone loves.

For the more adventurous mother, there is a Luxe Leopard collection that is adorable to see. The blankets, pillows, burpy and towels with ears will make you smile and keep your baby stylishly comfy. This will also make an excellent jungle or savanna theme nursery base as well. Imagine the oohs and aah’s when friends and family come to see your new baby and are just delighted by the imagination put into the decor of your nursery. It will be unique as well as trendy.

If you would like a more elegant look for your baby, the Brocade look is one of a kind in the nursery decor world. You can use this to give a Louis XVI look to your nursery that will “wow” everyone who sees this amazing decor. Whether for a boy or a girl, the brocade has a color to satisfy your needs. As a gift you can buy the Brocade/ confetti set for that baby shower gift that will please even the most discriminating tastes. No mother could turn away the elegance of this collection.

The camouflage collection for the outdoors or woodsy personality will please with a variety of colors to choose from. They even have a pink camo for the little princess in your home. Little Giraffe has luxury bedding and blankets for adult beds in a variety of colors or to match the crib bedding for parents who do attachment parenting and keep the crib in their own bedroom rather than a nursery. This can create a harmonious look for both the adults and the child.

From swaddling blankets to crib bedding and throws Little Giraffe has so much to choose from. There are plushy toys for baby to cuddle with and play with as he or she grows. There are gift baskets that can be sent to those family and friends who live far away, yet are close to your heart. They won’t feel left out when you send one of these to them to make sure they know you are thinking about them and their new addition.

Decorating for baby is one of the best parts of your pregnancy. As the nesting phase kicks in, you will be driven to make that perfect place for baby to feel safe and comfy. Little Giraffe will help with that as you make the perfect happy place for you both. There is free shipping as well as free gift wrap, no matter what or who you are buying for.

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