Helping kids adjust to new school

They say that change is good and in many ways, “they” would be right. The thing is, when it comes to making certain kinds of life transitions, especially as it relates to children, sometimes change is also quite difficult.

For instance, if you have recently moved to a place that requires your kids to go to another school, not only do they have to deal with the fact that they had to leave their old school and friends behind, but they are also facing the anxiousness of what’s to come with being in unfamiliar surroundings.

That’s why we wanted to provide you with a few tips to help your children adjust to a new school after you relocate. Hopefully, by following these five recommendations, change will be much easier for both you and your kids.

Let them vent. We all have feelings and they’re not always the most positive ones. But, it’s never good for anyone to keep their emotions all pent up inside of them, so whether your child is angry or scared or shy, let them know that so long as they do it respectfully, they can vent to you about what they’re going through. Just knowing that you won’t judge their feelings is a really great way for them to relax a bit more.

Go on a school tour. It can be pretty overwhelming to see a new school for the first time on the first day of class. One way that you can help your children to “ease into it” is by calling the administration office so that you can set up a day when your child can tour the campus before becoming an actual student. That way, they will have a better understanding of what to expect before they start going to class there.

Take them shopping. Sometimes, it’s a lot easier to simply run into a store and get your kids’ school clothes and supplies; however, if you want to increase your children’s excitement, invite them to come along with you to pick out all of the things that they’ll need.

Find them a friend. It certainly can’t hurt to ask your neighbors, co-workers or church members if they have children who attend the same school that your children will be going to. If you discover that they do, invite a couple of families over for dinner one evening. That way, your kids can get to know their children a bit better so that once it’s time to go to school, they can look forward to seeing a familiar face.

Be patient with the process. Say that you previously lived in Dallas and when you first started looking forĀ homes for sale in Philadelphia, your children seemed to have a really difficult time with the thought of moving and now that you live in Pennsylvania, they are still pretty upset. Adjusting to change takes time; therefore, don’t expect your kids to be thrilled overnight. Purpose in your mind to be patient with the fact that some days at school might be good while others will not be so great. It might take a couple of months, but time has a way of making things better. No matter what kind of change transpires. For you or your children.


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