Is Your Little One Ready for Kindergarten?

School is just around the corner. Is your little one ready for kindergarten? Mine is! I don’t know how ready I am though. She’s ready and anxious to make new friends and play on the playground. I keep telling her there are other things she will be learning at school too like writing and reading and coloring and counting. I don’t think she’s listening.

But we have been working on the skills she’ll need to know for kindergarten. Being that she’s never been in school or day care before I was worried about making sure she’d be ready.

I was talking to someone just yesterday about a child we know who even though he’s been in daycare since day 1 almost and he’ll be entering kindergarten too in about a month or so he can’t read a single word. We as a family put so much effort into reading together. That is one thing I’m really proud of.

I’ve been very lucky to be able to stay at home and care for my kids and help them prepare for school. There is still time you can still help your kids get ready for kindergarten.

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