Living in Denver – Home landscape ideas

Are you looking for a new and exciting ideas for your Denver area landscape? Want to make the most out of the Denver weather by creating the perfect outdoor look? If your answer is yes, then in the following article we look into a few creative ideas that you can use to transform your landscape…

#1: Blur the Line Between Indoor and Outdoor

When it comes to creating the right landscape effect/look, you have to understand that your garden/lawn is an extension to the interior of your home and vice versa. This is why you need to put in the effort to blur the line between inside and outside. For example, when it comes to flooring patterns/materials, then use the same ones inside your home as outside it.

Even try to match the furniture by getting modern sofa sets that go with the interiors. Consider installing big glass facades in your home so that you can have a clear look outside. The more you focus on this one tip, the better synchronization you’ll achieve between the indoor and outdoor.

#2: Focus on the Outdoor Room

How are outdoor rooms created? With a floor, ceiling planes and of course wall. When it comes to the outdoor room, use the right paver type material for the ground plane, which doesn’t crack, has real visual interest and can be effectively/easily maintained.

As far as the side planes go, you can use seat walls, plants, outdoor kitchens or even a side of your house. And finally, for the ceiling or roof plane you can use arbors, umbrellas, pergolas and horizontal branching trees in order to enclose and create a comfortable/enticing space.

#3: Go Green

When you’re working on designing your landscape, you should try to conserve energy by using efficient technology and materials along with the “style of living”. For instance, you can use LED outdoor lighting that comes with timers and sensors because LED is not only efficient, but is also saves you money as you go green. The lamps are known to last about 40,000 hours or close to 20 years.

In addition to this, even smart irrigation controllers can help you save 40% to 70% in water savings when compared to traditional controllers. They also have a rain gauge that helps in releasing the right water amount to the plants.

#4: Use the Right Plant Material

There are various plants that you can use when designing your landscape. However, do keep in mind that in Denver, your plants should not only be tolerant of heat but should also be tolerant of cold/freezing conditions. This is why you should consider going for low water and low maintenance plants since they are good for most landscapes.

If you really want to take care of your lawn and keep it healthy and beautiful, then consider taking services of a reputed lawn care company such as Fit Turf of Denver. The idea here is to not only do some good landscape designing but also to maintain its look and feel month after month. The more you focus on the overall maintenance of your outdoors, the better results you will get in the long run.

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