Get rid of moles and gophers

Everything in nature has its purpose, and that includes moles and gophers. Moles and gophers are helpful creatures when it comes to soil aeration and controlling the local insect population. Through their daily activities, which mostly include digging, the ground is being enriched with the life giving oxygen.

It is when these creatures are growing in excessive numbers that they become a major problem. They can cause damages to your garden with excessive burrowing and soil displacing. Not to mention, they build unsightly mounds. When these kinds of scenarios are starting to happen, then you must act quickly so you can employ those great mole repellents.

Habitat Modification

One of the best mole and gopher deterrent is through modifying their habitat. These animals are very sensitive to any modifications to their habitat. Thus, if you want them out of your garden, then you can employ ways to make the area unattractive and uncomfortable for the moles. One of the things you can do is to increase the watering of your garden. The reason behind this is because of increased watering, the grubs tend to move up closer to the surface. If the grubs move closer to the surface, then the moles also move up to the surface. When they are closer to the surface you can easily spot them and remove them. You can employ mole traps to help you with this task.

A mole’s diet is made up of mostly of grubs. If you are successful at reducing or removing the grubs in your garden, then the moles will move out of your garden by themselves in search for a greener pasture. Milky Spore bacteria are a great help when it comes to removing grubs in your garden. They can be placed in your garden and it will continually kill grubs for years to come. They are also safe and non-toxic to humans and pets.

Natural Mole Repellents

If you are thinking of employing mole repellents with the goal of removing the moles that are terrorizing your garden, then it advisable that you start with natural mole repellents. Natural mole repellents are safer. However, there is a bit of a downside when it comes to natural mole repellents, and that is you may have to modify your garden. You will have to do some inter-planting with natural mole repellent plants such as castor bean, marigolds, alliums, mole plant and garlic. Though you may have to be careful since some of the natural mole repellents are toxic to pets and children, one example is the castor bean plant.



Another great way of removing the moles off your garden is through smoking them out. As mentioned before, moles are very sensitive when it comes to their habitat. You can simply pump in smoke, usually castor oil, into their tunnels and it will coat the walls of their tunnels. These will make the tunnels very uncomfortable to moles. In fact, it will be very uncomfortable for them that they will leave your garden.

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