5 Activities that spark creativity in your kids

Sometimes, when we hear words like “creative”, we think of it in the context of drawing a picture or designing an outfit. And to a certain extent, that would explain a part of what comes with the creative process.

However, did you know that when it comes to using your imagination to invent things, that there are a lot of benefits that come with tapping into that side of your brain? Studies indicate that creative people are able to better adapt to unexpected situations, they tend to be more self-confident and they are always willing to try new things. Therefore, it would make perfect sense why we should do all that we can to inspire creativity in our children; it is a great tool that they can take along with them throughout their entire lives.

If you’re sold on the idea, but you’re looking for a few ideas on the kinds of fun activities that you can do in order to inspire creativity within your own children, we have five of them for you below:

Have them draw pictures with a theme. Whether it’s drawing or painting, ask your child to create a picture based on a certain kind of theme. For instance, it could be a picture depicting what they want to be when they grow up or their favorite thing to do. You could even take it a step further by having them lie down on a big sheet of paper, trace their outline and then have them design the inside.

Write a song with them. Sure, everyone is not meant to become a Grammy-winning artist, but almost everyone enjoys listening to music. By sitting down and writing a song with your son or daughter, not only do you get a front row seat to any potential musical abilities that they might have, but their lyrics can provide you with insight into what they’re presently thinking about.

Let them cook. There’s not one single recipe in the world that didn’t start off as an experiment. While you’re in the kitchen making lunch or dinner, provide your child with a few food items and seasonings. Then encourage them to come up with their own kind of dish. You never know, they just might happen upon the next big thing.

Do some gardening together. Something you can do that will provide them with plenty fresh air and exercise as they are getting in touch with their creative side is start a garden. Although selecting the area and preparing the soil will probably need to be your responsibility, they can certainly help with planting the seeds, fertilizing them and perhaps even making a scarecrow or two.

Stay open to trying new things. One of the absolute best ways to foster creativity in just about anyone is staying conscious about trying new kinds of things. One week, go ceramic pottery painting. Another week, visit the zoo. Still another week, encourage them to write a story where they are the main character within it. The more different things that you expose your child to, the greater chance they will have to develop their creativity. And the outcome of that effort is sure to be nothing short of awesome.


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