Garden party ideas for kids

With summer here, parties are now being moved from home interiors to patios and exteriors. Yes, the grass is green, temperatures have risen and the iced tea is pouring – so why not have a garden party?

Garden parties were made popular during the Victorian Era in London and was a common celebration between the wealthy. Now, this popular tradition has trending its way across to homes everywhere in the U.S.

It’s common to see many American garden parties have an English theme. Essentially, a garden party can be any theme you’d like, you just need to remember a few must-haves that define your theme.


Of course, a garden party needs to be located outdoors!  A garden party distinguishes itself from all other parties through floral surroundings – usually on a deck, patio or a yard,. You’ll want to make sure all your furniture and party decor blends with surroundings to give it a naturalistic look.


You can’t just invite guests to your garden party via event invites on Facebook. Since its conception, garden parties have been the epitome of class, therefore, informal invitations should be something to veer away from. Instead, formally invite your guests with personalized, printed or hand-made invitations.


The centerpiece for any garden party is, of course, flowers. Only the brightest, most invigorating flowers are reserved by nature for spring and summer. There are several ways to incorporate flowers into your decor. Most garden parties feature bouquets of flowers in wonderfully arranged centerpieces.

Refreshments, Hors D’Oeuvres and Nourishment

Since a garden party is a way to show off your abilities as a party planner, why not be creative with the food and drinks? Usually, garden parties will feature either tea, lemonade or an assortment of carbonated beverages. No, not soda. There are several carbonated beverages appropriate for garden parties, some of which include champagne or carbonated fruit-infused water.

For appetizers, you’ll want to stay away from a heavy menu and just go with something light. Finger sandwiches and bruschetta are wonderful, tasty examples of starters. Nachos and cheese dip is a simple, yet popular dish found at most parties.

Normally, the entrees encompass the same lightness as the beverages and appetizers, you’ll also want to go with something light that also reflects the theme of your garden party. For example, if you’re having an Italian Garden party, a beautiful, fresh pasta primavera would be ideal. It’s both light, fresh and uses seasonal ingredients.


Lighting is very important in garden parties. During the day, you’ll want to have controlled lighting so the sun doesn’t shine too harshly on your guests. A few umbrellas or a canopy are just a few ways to control light during the day. Since these parties usually last through the evening, using string lights or softly-lit lanterns is a way to create an alluring, summer-time faire.

To really accentuate the use of light at night, most garden parties also feature torches to add ambiance or bonfires which serve as the perfect way to bring all the guests together in one, centralized location.

Garden parties can be work, but the end result is definitely worth it. With a solid theme, good organization and creative planning, you’ll be able to host a garden party that will no doubt be the talk of the neighborhood.

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