Storage vs. removal costs

Millions of people nationwide move home every year. For some, it is a move to a new address in the same town or state. Others move within their state to a new town or city, while some are making more significant moves to the other side of the world. In each of these scenarios, a decision has to be made about whether to pay for the removal or storage of these goods. For possessions that you don’t want to sell or trash, it can be frustrating to have to make this decision. In many instances, it will come down to which option is most cost-effective, and most convenient for your individual circumstances. But how do the pros and cons of both tend to stack up?

Removal costs are unavoidable for those moving any kind of distance between homes. Most of us have simply too many belongings to comfortably fit in the back of the car, and this can mean hiring extra transport and possible additional labor to help move your belongings. This can quickly add up as a cost, and those trying to move on a budget will find it difficult to keep these expenses down.


It is not just the financial costs of removal that make this often the second best option. Moving your home is a detailed process that requires meticulous packing, loading and unloading. Some possessions simply aren’t worth the hassle of tying up in the move, and in these instances it may be better to avoid packing them away altogether. Storage can be a better option here, allowing you to drop off your belongings ahead of your move. This makes it easier to get bulky items out of the way, or to store your old belongings that you can’t yet move in.

There are many reasons individuals choose to store their possessions instead of moving with them. But the side-by-side cost comparison of these different options makes a real difference to figuring out the most effective solution. For some, long-term storage will work out to be the cheaper option. However, that depends on your specifications for a storage facility, and in particular the size of space you are looking to use.


Storage facilities are dotted across the country, providing flexible options for those with possessions to move. Storage units Colorado Springs are no exception. A number of factors play in to determining the costs you pay, including the size and location of the facility you use. Timeframes are also an obvious factor, and the longer the duration of your storage, the more expensive this cost will be. However, long-term facilities often offer a cheaper per-day rate based on a longer-term commitment, which can help save on the costs of your storage. Storage facilities are generally flexible, easy to use facilities to house your unwanted or unneeded possessions. As an alternative to selling, scrapping or moving your items with you, choosing a low cost storage option can ensure that you can hold on to your belongings in a secure way – without the burden of transporting or storing them yourself.

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