Gift ideas for husbands and fathers

Buying gifts should always be a pleasure, no matter who they are for. But in almost every family, there is at least one person others consider a difficult subject to buy for. Invariably, this tends to be a man – husbands, partners, fathers and brothers tend to bear the brunt of these types of complaints. These family members get bought similar gifts from all of their family, or even the same gifts year on year, as a result of a lack of creativity and inspiration on the part of the gift buyer. So what do you buy the person who has everything, or that awkward member of your family who’s just hard to please? Here are a few unique gift ideas for the men in your life.

A number of people are drawn to the mechanical appeal of gadgets, gizmos and machinery. This boyish fascination is present across a number of men (and indeed women), making it an ideal focus for buying gifts with meaning and lasting appeal. Mechanical watches are one such gadget-style gift, equally at home on the wrist of the professional as the sports fan – smart or casual. These tend to be valuable pieces that are cherished for many years beyond their purchase, and the price tag often reflects this. But for a special gift, marking a landmark occasion or event, watches can be a great, original idea.

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But what if the man in your life already owns a mechanical watch? No problem. An automatic watch winder is a nifty gadget that automatically winds watches when they are not being worn. This saves time and energy, looks stylish, and provides an excellent gift idea that will be sure to catch the recipient by surprise. Sites like specialize in this type of device.

A watch might not be within everyone’s budget, or even to everyone’s taste. Luxury pens are also a credible alternative, and there is demand among those who appreciate the craft of the written word for high-quality, showpiece pens. Executive writing instruments have much of the same appeal as luxury watches, in spite of the difference in functionality between them. There are pens to suit a range of budgets and writing styles and this is again the type of gift that might not necessarily be expected.

Books, sporting accessories, musical instruments and other interest-specific gifts are also a good source of inspiration. Knowing how someone likes to spend their free time can be the key to identifying the perfect gift. This doesn’t mean you should avoid being creative – in fact, quirky gifts that are more unusual or uncommon, but still relevant to a hobby or pastime, can make for an interesting choice.

When buying gifts, it is the quality of thought that counts. Think about the individual and their interests, or whether they might prefer something casual or formal by way of a gift. With a little creativity and a focus on the person you’re buying for, even the most difficult father, husband, or brother can get a gift they truly appreciate.

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