Top maintenance tips for vacuum cleaner

Don’t view your vacuum cleaner as a disposable item. With the correct care and maintenance, you can easily prolong the life of this indispensable household appliance.

Ensure you keep your cleaner’s manual and periodically inspect the appliance to keep it in tip top condition as well as following these tips to keep it in top condition.

Keep an eye on the dust container

It’s crucial to empty containers or replace bags before they’re fit to burst. Changing the bag regularly will ensure the cleaner can operate effectively. If the bag is too full, dust will simply be stirred up in the atmosphere and grime will be ground further into the carpet fibres.

Similarly, a crammed container will restrict the essential airflow that helps to keep the motor cool. If the motor overheats, the vacuum will not function effectively and may even incur damage. Keep a supply of bags in stock to ensure you always have one to hand or empty cylinders regularly after use.


Refresh the filter

Vacuum cleaner filters also require your attention. Filters should be changed or washed out with water on a regular basis. Filters need to function effectively to ensure that foreign bodies don’t break through the bag and wreak havoc on the motor’s mechanisms.


Bear brushes in mind

Owners should also inspect the individual components of their cleaners and keep a particularly close eye on the condition of the brushes. If they’re too worn, they won’t function effectively and can cause surface texture changes on carpets.

As a general rule, consider replacing the brushes when they reach half their original length. Periodic cleaning with disinfectant will also prolong their efficacy. When inspecting the brushes you should also ensure that no objects are tangled in the brush roll. String or hair can create cumulative damage, break belts or damage the motor.


Make sure your cleaner is in tip top condition

Inspect your vacuum cleaner for any rough edges or bent metal. If your cleaner has any sharp edges there is every chance your carpet will be snagged or the fibres damaged in some way.


Take safety seriously

It’s important not to overlook the condition of plugs and cords. Exposure of electrics can create a safety concern. Don’t tape cords or fill holes in the cleaner’s outer cover as exposed electrical wiring could potentially lead to electrocution. Maintain your vacuum cleaner at home to minimise inevitable wear and tear, but always call in the experts for any repairs beyond your remit.

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