Tips for happy pets and a clean home

No one wants a dirty house, but keeping your home clean when you have a pet can be a challenge. Animals and cleanliness often don’t mix well together, with a beloved pet frequently leaving an unwanted trail of hair, muddy footprints or worse behind. Luckily, there are plenty of ways in which you can improve the hygiene and appearance of rooms without adversely affecting your pet. Detailed below are a number of top tips to enable you to keep your domestic environment sparkling and inviting for both you and your animals.

Regular grooming can do a lot to reduce the amount of hair and fur which finds its way on to carpets and upholstery. For any fur which is shed, a vacuum cleaner specifically designed to pick up pet hair is an essential. Often these can be used on both upholstery and carpets. Rubbing awkward spots with a damp cloth is frequently enough to remove unwanted strands. Consider limiting your pet’s access to bedrooms or areas where there are thick rugs or similar.

Feed your pet on a tiled floor or other surface which can be mopped daily, using hot water and a pet-friendly detergent; wash feeding bowls at least daily, to minimize the amount of time uneaten food is left exposed. If you are maintaining your pet’s health by watching what it eats, consider buying a dry, complete food, such as Iams cat food. This has two advantages; your pet’s consumption can be accurately tracked and the hygiene risk of spilled wet food is minimized.

Ensure that your pet is house trained as soon as possible. If your animal uses a litter tray, this should be emptied and changed daily. Remember to wear gloves and a mask for this job, as cat mess can harbor toxoplasmosis, which can have unpleasant effects on humans.

Caring for your pet properly, such as keeping him or her up to date with their worm and flea treatments, creating a routine for grooming and bathing, encouraging them to use their own bed and providing regular meals in a hygienic manner, for example by using Iams cat food, helps to keep your home beautiful as well as benefiting your animal.

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