3 Mascara trends to try in 2013

Some fashionistas might scoff: after all, mascara is just mascara – a tool designed to make lashes look long, naturally curled, and sultry. Nothing could be further from the truth, when it comes to all the wild new trends to have popped onto the style and beauty scene in 2013. For this piece, we’re taking our inspiration from the top beauty mags, as well as from street trends and the buzz online. If you thought mascara was just something you applied with a brush out of a bottle, you might want to reconsider.

No mascara at all!

One growing Internet trend is all about allowing your lashes to be displayed completely naturally. Don’t cover them up, its advocates are saying, because there is no need to. Of course, feel free to experiment with shades and colors, but when it comes to lashes, simply use a good old-fashioned curler. The trend could also be spotted on the spring runways during the Prada, Alexander Wang, and Carolina Herrera shows and it was all about a soft, natural look. Leaving the mascara out of your regular beauty routine will allow you to play with natural shades for the eye make-up, while also creating ample opportunity for you to amp up your lipstick use. Pair a no-mascara look with matte red rouge and you’ve got yourself a classic look. This trend might work especially well for women with naturally long lashes, as well as for those who seek to emphasize other features (cheek bones or lips), instead of eyes.


Colored mascara

Remember the late 1990s? Back then, in the heyday of girl bands and all things glam pop making a comeback, colored mascara was a hot topic, to which both teenage girls and fully grown-up fashionistas adhered. Then came the era of colored hair mascara – which luckily waned away, as all fads will. But it seems like colored mascara for the lashes is making a serious comeback this season, believe it or not. Don’t think of anything too extreme though. This time around, it’s not about combining colorful l Mascara with glitter, rhinestones, or anything as excessive as that. It’s all about demure sophistication, with a handful of hues even the more conservative style addicts out there could subscribe to. Don’t think electric blue or neon orange, but instead subtle gold with no other make-up on, cobalt, and forest green. And if you’re feeling particularly daring, you can opt for purple with a tinge of blue, as illustrated in the spring collection from Stella McCartney this year.


White mascara

In a combination of the two trends above, if you want to pair something that resembles a natural look with a bold statement made with (non-)color, then white mascara might just be the solution for you. It creates an otherworldly look that might make some think of ghouls and other forms of the undead. However, it speaks volumes about refinement – irrespective of whether you choose to wear it without any additional make-up, or visually supported by white eye-shadow or eye-liner. This trend made rounds on the spring runways and was particularly appreciated by those seeking to achieve the minimalistic look.

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