5 summer shoes for girls

No matter their age, girls just wanna have fun, and what better way to do so than by purchasing great looking shoes? Shoes have always been one of women’s biggest passions, and your little angel is no exception to the rule. Fashion is a major part of our lives, so you should make sure that your kid always stays on top of the trends. It may sound costly to do this, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a lot of great sandals, flats and shoe models that you can choose from, which will not leave a whole in your pocket. This summer is all about vivid colors, bold patterns and hippie designs. Let’s take a look at the most inspired footwear models that you can buy for your little one.


1.      Funky Sneakers

The sky is the limit when it comes to funky sneakers. There are so many models to choose from that it can sometimes be hard to make a decision. Colorful tennies are exactly what a young girl needs to stand out while feeling comfortable. Sneakers are perfect for many occasions, for school, for sporty activities, and because they are used so much they should be made from high-quality leather.


2.      Statement Flats

Every fashionable girl needs a pair of statement flats in her wardrobe. These fabulous shoes can fab up any type of outfit, and they will add a plus of sophistication. They work brilliantly with vaporous dresses or elegant ensembles. You can also look for statement flats that are decorated with metallic embellishments or patterned accessories.

3.      Vividly Colored Flip Flops

It is always a good idea to keep a pair of flip flops in handy for those oh-so-warm summer days, or for a day at the beach. The best flip flops for kids are usually made from soft polyester webbing and a rubber sponge outsole that ensures flexibility. This type of footwear will ensure a tight grip on the feet and they are perfect for the unbearably hot days of mid-August.


4.      Cross-strap Patterned Flats

There is a reason why flats are so popular, and that is because they are extremely comfortable. As a matter of fact it is impossible for women and girls to not have a pair in their wardrobe. Considering that the trend for 2013 includes lively colors like emerald green, ruby, yellow, lemon and navy blue, it should not come as a surprise that extremely colorful patterns are a common sight. It is recommended for flats to be made from cotton canvas and a durable rubber outsole that will ensure flexibility. A cross-strap made from high-quality elastic will ensure that the shoes are secured on the feet.


5.      Metallic Loafers

The best choice for short jeans or cotton dresses is metallic loafers. You probably already know that metal is the most popular accessory of the year and it can come in many forms. First of all we have small metallic accessories with which manufacturers ornate shoes, and we also have glitzed-up shoes that add an elegant feel to any outfit. Make your girl feel like a princess by purchasing her a pair of fabulous metallic loafers which are both comfortable and pretty.


All in all, the trends in women and children footwear are constantly changing, but one thing constantly remains the same: shoes have to be comfortable. Especially if you are purchasing shoes for your little girl, make sure that they are made from the best materials.

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