Top 5 toddler learning activities

Child psychologists and developmental specialists say that a toddler’s learning capacity is enormous. A toddler might not be able to describe this to you in very much detail, but a toddler-aged child is absorbing the world faster than many adults. This is because toddlers need to absorb knowledge in order for them to develop emotionally. Things like the alphabet and language are crucial, but with a number of different activities, you can teach your toddler a wide array of subjects. Developmental psychologists also say that toddlers need this information and knowledge before they enter preschool and primary school. Here are the top five toddler learning activities.

  1. Sensory learning activities can be an excellent way for your toddler to learn about the world. For instance, baking is great, because they can learn so many things in such a little amount of time. They can learn the basics of measuring – not the math – and how to turn various ingredients into dough and then into a finished product. Baking will also encourage a toddler’s creativity and imagination. You can bake cakes, cookies, biscuits, or anything that will be fun to make and delicious to eat.
  2. Arts and crafts. When it comes to your toddler’s creativity, there is no better time than toddlerdom to start encouraging your child’s creative side. You can provide your toddler with art supplies, like kid-safe paints and paint brushes, or you can have them make something out of paper mache. Paper mache is a great activity because a child can learn how to make something from scratch and then see a 3D rendering of their creation as soon as they are done creating it. Also, arts and crafts is great for promoting your child’s problem solving skills, because it takes a lot of foresight to create a work of art.
  3. Playing with blocks. Blocks are a great way to encourage your child’s creative side, but they can also encourage your toddler’s logistical brain as well. As a child, it takes a lot to build a structure out of blocks. Plus, children love the idea of constructing things with their own two hands. Plus, there are a number of blocks to choose from, like cardboard bricks or even large plastic blocks. Whatever, you use, make sure you have a lot of bricks they can play with.
  4. Multimedia learning games. Games and toys, like the amazing line of products released by Baby Einstein, can teach toddlers a wide array of topics, like language, arts, sciences, music and mathematics. The great part about multimedia products, like Baby Einstein, is that they can make learning incredibly fun. While your toddler is learning some of the most important basics on varying topics, they are fascinated while doing so.
  5. Busy bins. Sometimes toddlers are simply happy with a bucket filled with anything and they will learn a lot from it. Try filling a bin with rice, beans, pasta and then hide items in the bucket and they will not only be busy for hours, they will also be developing their minds at the same exact time.


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