Dinosaur themed birthday party for kids

Once children get into their adolescence, chances are the fun, themed parties of youth will go the way of the dodo. But from the ages of about 2 to 12, you can get really creative when it comes to planning their birthday bashes. And a good theme can give you a basis upon which to build your spectacular shindig. Of course, your kids will no doubt have some input for you, and one of the most popular interests for many young kids is dinosaurs. These prehistoric monsters have long captured the imagination of children young and old, and there’s a lot you can do with a dinosaur theme to make for a memorable birthday party. So here are just a few tips to help you organize a party that your child and his (or her) friends won’t soon forget.

The place to start is with invitations and you can have some fun right off the bat. While you can certainly order pre-made cards or use printouts found online, you might also get crafty with scissors and glue, cutting out dinosaur eggs from construction paper that will bear the invitation info on one side while your child decorates the other side with stickers, stamps, glitter, and more. This is a great way to get your kid in on every aspect of the party. Of course, you might also opt to save some paper by putting together an Evite. With so many kids online these days, this could be a feasible option, depending on the age of your own child.

But invites are just the beginning. Now you have to start organizing decorations, food, and entertainment. The decorations shouldn’t give you too much trouble since you can find all kinds of party materials online, including dino-themed plates, napkins, and tablecloths. You can also find banners, balloons, and even pinatas. However, you could opt to tie your decorations into your food or entertainment in your own creative way. For example, you could fill glass jars or bowls with different types of candy and label them as dinosaur parts. Chocolate-covered raisins could be dino droppings, gumdrops could be prehistoric eyeballs, and Brach’s Malt Eggs with colorful candy coating could be tiny dino eggs, just for starters. Or you could make dinosaur puzzle posters. Simply trace each dino twice, hang one poster on the wall, and cut the other into pieces that can be placed on the original with a dot of sticky tack. The sky is the limit when you use your imagination.

Food shouldn’t be too hard, either. Did you know that you can find dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets? They’re made by Tyson and often available at Costco. You can also get a cake pan shaped like a dinosaur or find cake patterns online. So all that remains now is entertainment, and it’s simple enough to incorporate your dinosaur theme into standard games like egg hunts (featuring plastic eggs that contain tiny dinos), scavenger hunts, or pin the tail on the T-rex. You could also set up a photo booth with dino costumes or parts (noses, tails, etc.). And you could play dinosaur movies (‘Dinosaurs’, ‘The Land Before Time’, etc.) in the background. And don’t forget party favors. Bags of candy and noisemakers are fine, but other parents may be more impressed (and thankful) if you send home coloring books or even fact books with a dinosaur theme, which you can find on a site like¬†dinosaurcorporation.com¬†(along with plenty of other materials for your dinosaur-themed kids party).


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