5 affordable baby shower gifts

If you’ve got a soon-to-be mom in your life, that means there’s a baby shower coming up on the calendar in the next couple of weeks. Showers are always a lot of fun, with games, great food, the excitement of the pending new addition and of course a whole bunch of presents. It’s really only this last piece of the puzzle that adds any stress to the situation. You might have received an invitation to check out the expectant mother’s baby registry, and that will surely be packed with options. But what if everything on the list is too pricey for your budget? You can’t show up empty handed, but if the registry hasn’t been filled out with an appropriate range of sticker prices you definitely need to figure something else out. Luckily, there are plenty of less expensive options that will be appreciated. Here are five affordable baby shower gifts to consider for the soon-to-be moms.


If you consider yourself creative and crafty, perhaps you can make a gift to bring to the shower. It’s a great way to show the expectant mother in your life that you’re excited for what’s to come, and that even though you don’t have a lot of money you did put a bunch of thought into things. Consider crafting a work of art for the baby’s room, like a personal mobile or a beautiful framed photograph. You could also go with a diaper cake, which is a hilarious but also incredibly useful gift idea.

Another useful gift that will come in handy during the first months of the new baby’s life is a breastfeeding pillow. You might see this marketed as a “Boppy”, but you’ll find great options under all sorts of names. It’s a pillow shaped like the letter C that sits in the mom’s lap during a feeding session. It keeps the baby in the perfect position, and you’ll find all sorts of color and design choices to spice it up. It may not be expensive, but it will be hugely appreciated.

If you’ve got a little bit more money to work with keep an eye out for a baby swing. These can literally save the new parents’ sanity during those long, cranky nights with a newborn. The baby swing’s gentle rocking motion helps put babies to sleep, and then keeps them sleeping longer without concern. They are totally safe, and since they come in a range of styles and complexities you should be able to find one that fits your budget.

When the baby comes around, daily photo taking is going to become the norm. New parents feel the need to document every moment of their little one’s life, and since they change and grow so quickly who can blame them? But all of those photos need to live somewhere other than Facebook. That makes a photo book or a beautiful picture frame a fantastic affordable baby shower gift. You might even be able to find something used that could be salvaged with a fresh coat of paint and a bit of TLC.

Finally, start early and organize a donation drive in the newborn’s honor. This is a thoughtful gift that expectant mothers with a social conscience will absolutely love. Instead of buying a fancy designer onesie from one of those¬†KidzNStyle¬†shops, you can pick a charity that helps children around the world and create a fundraiser. Reach out to the friends and family of the expectant mom to figure out the right fit, and then start about a month out from the shower so you can maximize the gift giving time. Imagine if you raised a thousand dollars to help feel children in underdeveloped countries, all in the name of the baby-to-be. You’ll get a huge hug from that expectant mother, with no concern about the dollar value you spent on a gift.


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