Always in style: Ethical beauty and fashion

Eco-friendly, fair trade, ethical beauty – these buzzwords have been taking the fashion community by storm. Environmental and social responsibility isn’t a just a trend. Part of the larger “green” movement in our lifestyles, the fashion and beauty industry is becoming more conscious about the types of materials and ingredients used in their products as well as the labor used to create the products.

Ethical beauty refers to products that are environmentally and socially responsible. These products may use sustainable resources, all-natural ingredients, organic ingredients, recyclable packaging, and are cruelty-free or vegan. Cruelty-free products are those that do not test on animals or use ingredient suppliers who test on animals.

Fair trade products mean that workers are justly compensated. No sweatshops or slave labor. For workers and farmers in developing countries, Fair Trade offers them better prices, better trade terms, and the opportunity to compete in the global marketplace. The money you spend on everyday goods can improve an entire community’s day-to-day lives. Buying fair trade clothing means that not only are you helping someone earn a fair wage, you are also helping their community build a sustainable business. Fair trade gives you a way to reduce poverty through your everyday purchases.

Where can consumers shop for fair trade and ethical beauty products?

It’s not always easy to find ethical products at the store. Many companies do not advertise their testing procedures or their manufacturing policies. Consumers can do research online to find companies who practice ethical business procedures. There are also online merchants who give recognition to ethical and free trade products. Research can take time, though, so it can be beneficial to find a third-party that has done the research for you. One such place is Their fair trade women’s clothing can be found by clicking here.

Fashionistas interested in shopping according to their environmental and social values will discover the latest ethical beauty and fashion products at It is their mission to make it easy for you to shop consciously. does the research for you, so you may shop in confidence knowing that the products you select are environmentally and socially responsible. on ethical beauty: “pure citizen is filled with a carefully curated selection of the most loved fashion, beauty and decor that come from brands making a positive social impact in the world.” offers a wide range of socially and environmentally friendly products ranging from clothing, beauty, health and wellness, and goods for the home.

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