Shape your body with lipsuction

Being a mom is inherently about being selfless. Weathering the blistering Lake Michigan winter winds for hockey practice, white-knuckling it through Chicago traffic, and scarfing down fast food between stops can have a detrimental effect on a mom’s appearance.

And what’s worse is she has less time to work on it than those with more time on their hands. You’ve got less time to jog, visit the spa, or prepare ideal meals because you’re stretched so thin taking care of your kids.

Where’s the happy medium between kamikaze mom and flawless diva? How do you keep your self-esteem strong without dropping your kids for constant workouts and busting your budget on sky-high supplements? The answer can be in the shortcut of cosmetic surgery.

But isn’t that cheating? It’s actually quite the opposite. It’s the absence of cheating, because you aren’t cheating your kids out of your time. You aren’t cheating your body of the care it needs. And you aren’t cheating on yourself by using difficult or ineffective methods to improve your body.

Fighting the battle of the thighs? Sure, you can cut back on the Polish sausages, but diet and exercise cover the health part far better than the aesthetic part. Weight-loss medications can help, but they carry risks of addiction. Many women end up increasing their dosage of these products when those last stubborn areas of fat prove difficult to get rid of.

Encountering a little, uh, drop in your assets? Being a great mom means you may have chosen breastfeeding, and that can be murder on your appearance. It’s worth it for a great bonding experience that makes your baby healthy, but there’s nothing wrong with getting back to your pre-baby physique.

Speaking of how motherhood can reshape your body, how about your stomach? Going full-term with two or three babies can really alter your navel’s perspective on the world, changing it from an outward view to a downward one. Once your childbearing has turned into child-rearing, you may be up for a little adjustment to your abs.

Getting to a Chicago plastic surgeon and getting the work you desire (and deserve!) can do you a world of good, and you won’t be in a waiting room full of the rich and fabulous.

Plenty of moms in the area are taking advantage of a package deal that is just for moms. This includes a tummy tuck, liposuction, thigh contouring, and a breast lift. In other words, it’s the things that a mom is most likely to need, and it certainly doesn’t sound like the admission procedure for strutting the Magnificent Mile in sky-high stilettos.

Liposuction is a safer, more effective way to banish a few areas of cellulite that refuse to depart even after a successful reduction in your monthly visits to Sabatino’s. A re-lifting and augmentation of your breasts and a tightening of your stomach will help you feel and look better.

The most important thing you do with your body is having and raising your kids. But it comes with a cost to your looks. While you’re nothing but better on the inside, your outside may not fare as well. You owe it to yourself to take some time to make those adjustments that will let you look like yourself again.


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