5 fun date night ideas for parents

Once you’ve got a little bundle of joy to care for it’s all too easy to forget the relationship that made it all possible. Many parents end up having problems following the expansion of their family because they turn all of their attention to the kids and start to take each other for granted. But you have to keep in mind that your relationship is the foundation that holds up your family structure. If you let it fall into disrepair you’re going to have problems that will affect everyone in the household. So don’t think of spending time on yourself and your relationship as selfish – it’s a necessity that will benefit all! And along those lines you might want to think about setting up a regular date night in order to keep your relationship on stable ground and fan the flames of romance. Of course, you might not have a lot of disposable income to work with these days, but you can still find ways to have fun. Here are a few ideas for inexpensive date nights that are sure to please harried parents everywhere.


  1. Visit local attractions. Whether you and your honey are keen to revisit the local hangouts that served as your stomping grounds when you were first dating or you want to check out museums, historical sites, and even roadside attractions that you’ve always meant to see but never got around to, it turns out that there are all kinds of ways to enjoy your local environs. You don’t have to waste time and fuel going somewhere else when there are probably tons of suitable diversions in your own backyard. You’ll save some money on your date and have a lot of fun in the process when you take the time to find cool and kitschy attractions in your own hometown.
  2. Go star gazing. Heading out to the desert to watch the Leonid meteor shower might sound like fun, but as parents it could be a rather complex undertaking, what with the difficulties of finding a sitter for a couple of hours, much less a couple of days. Instead, exercise your love of all things heavenly by parking your makeshift telescope in the backyard, mixing up some hot cocoa, wrapping yourselves in a blanket, and star gazing until dawn. You can bring out the baby monitor to make sure the kids are sleeping soundly and have a great date night without leaving your property.
  3. Take a class. Whether you’re interested in dancing, photography, or the culinary arts, taking local classes is a great way to spend some quality time with your honey sans kids, and you can both pursue a shared interest in the process.
  4. Go to a local event. At any given time there are probably a number of events happening in your local environs, especially if you live in or near a moderately sized city. Hitting up a local sporting event or concert venue might not be as big a deal as attending the Super Bowl or ordering tickets to the opera from ConcertVienna.com, but it can make for a really special date night. Heck, you could even hit up a local food truck event that features live music for some adult fun without a major price tag attached.
  5. Carpet picnic. When your budget is tight, you might not be keen to go out on dates. But you don’t necessarily have to splurge on dinner out in order to enjoy each other’s company. Simply put together some finger foods, open a bottle of wine, and shove aside the living room furniture for a carpet picnic after the kids have gone to bed. You can get romantic without going over budget.


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