Music videos your kids will love!

Remember the good old days when you sat by the cassette player and listened to songs created just for kids? If you were like many of us, you didn’t just sit there. You bounced and clapped around the room, creating your own choreography to the fun sounds you were hearing. Today’s kids have the opportunity to enjoy the same fun with an added twist: animation. Slip in a DVD or turn on a YouTube video, and bright colors and happy sounds will enchant your child while helping him learn. What more could a mom want? Of course, these videos have the added advantage of keeping your child’s attention while mom squeezes in a workout, cooks dinner or catches a few moments of “me” time in the shower. Check out this selection of kid-approved music DVDs that will keep your kids clapping and singing!



The Giggle Bellies

These videos are just adorably cute, and kids absolutely love their bright colors, vivid animations and easy sing-along songs. Chances are that you’ll recognize some of the songs, but I can assure you that you’ve never seen them quite like this! The Giggle Bellies has their own  YouTube channel where you can check out many of their songs, but DVDs are also available for pop-in and leave-it convenience. The Giggle Bellies produce educational songs featuring the ABCs, colors, shapes; fun classic sing-along songs; and bedtime songs.

Bob Zoom

If your kids love animation (and what kids don’t?), then they’ll love Bob Zoom. Available on Youtube, you will want to load up a playlist with a number of the songs at once because each one is pretty short. An extra bonus of these videos is the fact that your children can watch them in both English and Spanish, offering a head start into learning a second language. Check out the Itsy Bitsy Spider in English, and then listen to it in Spanish. If you play the two back to back, little ones will soon be making the connection between the pictures and the words.


Sesame Street

If your child can’t get enough of Sesame Street, the Sesame Street DVDs will come to your rescue. Choose from two DVDs of favorite songs, a counting DVD, the best songs from Elmo DVD, or an alphabet DVD. These videos will satisfy your kids’ Sesame Street craving while also providing some education and giving Mom a break from providing all the entertainment!



Do you ever find yourself singing the theme song from The Lion King, W-I-L-D from Jungle Book, or the entire The Little Mermaid soundtrack? Even if you don’t, your kids will be soon if you bring the Disney Sing-a-long music DVDs into your home. Amazon has a great selection, and you can pick and choose the DVDs that have the songs your kids love the best (and the ones that won’t drive Mom crazy).

Carrie Thompson has plenty of nieces and nephews who adore wholesome music videos for children. She enjoys singing along with them and creating many happy memories.

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