5 tips to a professonal home family movie

A lot of us grew up in a home where our parents shot plenty of home movies. The thing is, once we watched them, aside from the feelings of nostalgia that they brought, it was hard to fully enjoy them because they weren’t the best quality.

Now that we are in the position where we’re making some family movies of our own, we don’t have to settle for blurry pictures and bad audio. So, if you’re looking for some tips on how to make your own home movies look more professional, we’ve got five ways to make that possible so that your family can look forward to watching them below:

Get some good equipment. You’d be amazed what a good camcorder can do when it comes to creating some awesome family movies. Currently, some of the ones that come highly reviewed include the Sony HDR-CX760V, Panasonic HC-X900M and if you’re on a bit of a tight budget, the Canon HF M52. Sure, they cost a bit more than some of the ones that you’ll typically find at Wal-Mart, but for the sake of quality, they’re well worth it.

Write out a plan. One reason why we enjoy watching movies is because movie companies have a full team to make the stories that are being told on the screen come to life. Well, when you’re filming a home movie, it’s just as important to have some kind of plan for the story that you’re trying to tell. You don’t have to make it too elaborate. Simply jot down what you want to shoot and the order that you’d like to shoot it in. If you’re going to incorporate some interviews, write down where you’d like them to go as well.

Use a tripod. Just about all of us have watched a movie before that was hard to watch because the picture either looked blurry or the camera seemed to be bouncing all over the place. This is what tends to happen when you rely on using your hands rather than a tripod during the filming process. Remember that the whole purpose of a tripod is to keep the camera steady. So, make sure that before you click “record” that you place yours on one of them.

Check the sound. One mistake that people tend to make is assuming that just because their camcorder is on, they are receiving good sound. This is not always the case so it’s important that you make sure to check the sound levels on your camcorder. An effective way to do this is to get some closed-headphones and then plug them into your camera in order to monitor the levels that are coming into them.

Edit your videos. Once you’re done with the filming part, you might be excited about sending your home movies to a website like Just8mm.com so that you can change them over to DVD so that your family can start watching them. But before you do that, make sure to also edit your videos. One website that comes highly referred is JayCut. That’s because it actually lets you edit them online so that you can start watching your movies quicker. For more information editing videos, visit WindowsMoviesMakers.net or HowToDoThings.com and put “how to edit home movies” in the search field.


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