The benefits of dancing for your kids

While it’s not entirely uncommon for little girls to enter a dance class with dreams of one day becoming a prima ballerina, the truth is that many parents never even consider entering their daughters in dance classes, and most wouldn’t dream of enrolling their sons. This is a shame, however, because while other activities like team sports, music lessons, and art classes certainly offer your kids a laundry list of worthwhile skills, you shouldn’t discount the many benefits that dance can infer on the youngsters in your household. In fact, all types of dance can have a truly positive impact on your children’s lives, now and as they grow into adults. And the effects can extend to both their bodies and minds. So before you forego the possibility of enrolling your kids in dance classes, at least consider what might be gained from doing so.

As you are probably aware, dance offers your children the opportunity to engage in some structured physical activity. However, it may end up being a bit more fun and somewhat less stressful than alternatives like Little League and other team sports (which tend to put a lot of pressure on kids to perform). This isn’t to say that dance can’t be competitive and that performances won’t be stressful, but at least when kids are young the pressure level may be less than some other fitness activities. And if you’re looking for a way to get your kids moving so that they don’t become part of the childhood obesity epidemic, dance can definitely be a fun way to go about it.

Of course, dance has a lot more to offer than just a chance to get physically fit. It can also help developing youngsters to work on coordination and motor skills, as well as become comfortable in their own skin. This will be even more important over time, as your children enter adolescence and their bodies seem to turn against them, growing and changing rapidly in ways that can be difficult to cope with. When they have the movement of dance to fall back on it may make the transition from their childhood bodies to their adult physique a little less disorienting.

There are also mental benefits to be gained from instruction in dance. It can give kids focus and discipline, for starters, as well as help them to burn off energy and keep an even keel. But even more important is the self-esteem that children can build during their time in dance classes. They can gain confidence in their abilities on both a creative and a technical level, in addition to learning that hard work and perseverance will help them to achieve their goals.

And the social aspect of group classes and performances can also be very rewarding. As social creatures, we naturally want to interact with our peer group and be accepted. Whereas the school setting can make this difficult to accomplish, a dance class provides a more relaxed social atmosphere in which to interact and build friendships with like-minded kids. So if you’re trying to decide what type of extracurricular activities to enroll your kids in, make sure to check out or other schools in your area. It’s a good option for parents seeking an activity with a multitude of benefits for their kids.


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