5 ugly christmas sweater party tips

As the holidays approach, many of us enjoy throwing holiday parties to get all of our friends and loved ones together to celebrate. Instead of throwing a typical, ordinary party, spice things up a bit this year with an ugly Christmas sweater party! Here are 5 ugly Christmas sweater party hosting tips to help you throw an unforgettable, hilarious bash!

  1. Send out invitations well in advance. You will first need to let your friends know about the party so that they can check their calendars and plan on attending! Make sure to tell them what the theme is so that they have time to find the most ugly sweater they can! Perhaps provide a photo of you in an ugly sweater or even a photo of your parents or grandparents from back in the day! Also, tell them about games and prizes you will be having at your big event such as a prize for whoever comes to the party decked in the most unique or funny ugly Christmas (or holiday) sweater.
  2. Next, you will need to find your own sweater to wear to the party. The tackier the better,so go wild! You may be able to find a great sweater at your local thrift shop, Good Will Store or even the dollar store at a low, inexpensive price! Also search at garage sales, or the closet of a family member such as a grandparent. You never know what kinds of tacky gems you may find from back in the ’80s!
  3. No ugly sweater is complete without the appropriate accessories. Be sure to keep it within the tacky theme! Look for light up necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Yu can also wear tinsel, antlers, a Santa hat, or brooches and pins to complete your look!
  4. Prepare the food and drinks. You may choose to do a potluck style so you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. This way all guests can contribute a bit to the meal and appetizers. Designate and assign specific items to each guest so you can avoid duplicates. Some can bring appetizers, other can bring drinks, and the rest can bring desserts! You may also choose to prepare a few items of your own to go with the holiday theme such as candy cane martinis or peppermint bark for dessert.
  5. Finally, make sure you have enough things to do in order to keep your guests entertained. While many will be happy to chitchat and catch up with one another, you should also have some games prepared and accessible for your guests. You can organize games such as a holiday scavenger hunt, Christmas caroling, and more! Maybe your friends will want to be crafty and make their own popcorn strands or ornaments! Be creative!

All of these tips will help you to throw a successful, enjoyable, and hilarious Ugly Sweater Christmas party that your guests will never forget. Send out funny invitations to grab their attention, dress the part and search for the best Christmas sweaters, don’t forget accessories, prepare food and drinks or choose a potluck style, and have lots of silly themed games for guests to play!


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