5 hassle-free hair tips for moms

As a mother, you are constantly on the go. Between shuffling your kids from soccer practice, to art class, and finally to sleepovers, you likely don’t have much time to focus on your hair! Instead of fussing and spending precious time in the bathroom, consider these 5 hassle-free hairs tips for busy moms.

  1. Short hair. When we think of short hair, many think of the “mom cut” and cringe. Short do’s are fabulous because they dry fast, require minimal effort, and they look fantastic. Get the image of the mom cut out of your head. Instead, try something fresh and new by getting your hair cut in a pixie style. Not only is this hairdo short and easy, but also it is versatile and still allows you to play and switch it up when you do have the time. You can part it, sleek it back, or even use a shaping gel.
  2. Buns or twists are simple and gorgeous. If short hair is not for you, you may instead try tying up your tresses into a low or high bun. You can use a sock bun to reduce hair shedding and fussing. Buns are easy to do and will keep your hair out of your face all day long for a pretty as well as practical look.
  3. Braids are not just for kids. Braiding your hair into a milkmaid braid can look classy and elegant. You can braid along both sides of your head and then tie the braids into a bun at the nap of your neck. Another option is to braid your ponytail or simply braid your bangs in the front to keep wisps at bay.
  4. Headbands are no longer just plastic accessories. Now headbands come in a variety of styles made of different fabrics for a much more grown up and sophisticated look. A thick headband or even a scarf is a great way to jazz up your look while hiding the fact that you didn’t have a chance to shower this morning or comb your hair! This can also help to hide roots that may be growing in if you haven’t been able to color your hair. Choose from silk, velvet, cotton or other fabrics and even look for bands with designs, jewels or a knit pattern.
  5. Finally, the most simple of simple hairstyles is the ponytail. Whenever you are completely out of time and at a loss for a style to try, a ponytail is a wonderful, effective go to. You can pull it straight back into a traditional ponytail, or change it up a bit by adding a part, using hairspray, teasing your hair for some volume up top and more.

hassle-free hair tips

If you are a busy mom, these 5 hairstyle ideas will absolutely come in handy when you’re pressed for time and need to do something with your locks, fast! Each of these hairstyle ideas can give you a fresh look without requiring you to spend hours on your hair using hot tools or hair dryers. You can choose a short cut at a salon likeĀ Hair 4 U, or you can simply care for your hair yourself and style it in a simple braid, ponytail or bun for an everyday look that is practical and looks great.


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