Gift wrapping tips and techniques for kids

For moms, the holidays are the perfect time to get together with your children and bond. School is out and there is a good chance that you have a few weeks off work, which makes it an ideal time for some one-on-one fun that you don’t get to have during the rest of the year. So, what are you going to do together? One of the most fun activities to do with your children is wrap gifts. Gift wrapping is a skill set that every child should learn early on. Plus, it teaches your child the amazing lesson of gift giving and why it is so important. Here are some gift wrapping tips and techniques for kids.

First and foremost, you want to start small – with the basics. Kids don’t want to learn the more advanced lessons until later. For especially young children, some advanced wrapping lessons can be hard to – excuse the pun – wrap their head around. So, you may want to start with simple wrapping projects – gifts bags, gift baskets, and even some goodie bags. Doing this will give your child an idea of how to assemble and put together a gift before they give it to someone.

Gift wrapping tips and techniques for kids

Also, you want to teach them about the tools that are necessary to efficiently wrap gifts. For instance, scissors, tape, glue, and maybe even a ruler, are important to have on hand when you are wrapping gifts. When you are teaching children how to use these tools, it would be smart to start with a few practice gifts before you start working on actual presents, because you don’t want a child’s first time with a pair of scissors to be with a brand new cashmere sweater. You can, however, start with gifts that are a little more fool-proof.

Next, you can’t underestimate the power and the importance of ribbons. Ribbons will go very far when you are teaching kids how to wrap gifts. Of course, learning how to tie complicated bows with ribbons will be difficult at first, which is why you want to start with very basic bows and knots. The best way to introduce ribbons is with clothing gifts, because they are often easier to wrap. For instance, you can teach your child the technique of rolling up a new shirt or pair of pants and then tying ribbons on each end – it should look like a big piece of candy.

Lastly, you want to teach children the importance of adding a card to the gift. Teaching your child how to create a card for your gift will also give them a valuable lesson on writing and using words. Again, you want to start small when you teach your child how to create and write a card that goes on a gift. For instance, the card can be as simple as a drawing and then a “to [fill in the blank], from [fill in the blank],” and then maybe an “I love you.” At the end of the day, creating the card for the gift wrapping experience may be the most fun and your child may really respond to it. More than anything, though, it will complete the whole gift wrapping experience.


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