Gift ideas for your child’s teacher

Christmas brings joys, but it also brings dilemmas. One of those dilemmas is deciding what type of gift to purchase for a person you don’t know particularly well, such as a child’s teacher. Purchasing a gift for teacher can be both important and agonizing. Below are some personalized gift ideas that teachers will greatly appreciate.


Gift Certificates

This may sound like an easy out, but if you put some thought into it, a gift certificate can really show that you care. It’s no secret that schools are underfunded and that teachers often dig into their own pockets to purchase classroom supplies. That being said, sending a teacher a gift card that allows them to purchase school supplies is a great way to let them know that you appreciate their efforts. Of course, gift cards need not be for school supplies. You may want to get one for coffee, treats, lunch, or something more personal if you know the teacher well. These things are appreciated by everyone.

Gift ideas for your child's teacher


School Supplies

If you want to be more direct than a gift certificate, send school supplies themselves. This may seem more like a gift to your own child, but if you send enough fun supplies for the whole class, the gift will be a huge hit. Not only will this present save a teacher money that would otherwise come out of his or her own pocket, it will allow the teacher to give the gift to the class, brightening everyone’s day. Make sure the supplies are new and fun and age-appropriate.


A Personalized Ornament

You have to know a little something about your child’s teacher for this one to work, but a personalized Christmas ornament can be a big hit. When choosing an ornament, consider the teacher’s personal background, such as where he or she comes from along with interests and hobbies. Also think about how to personalize the ornament with a key word, phrase, or even a date. It may be that your child’s teacher is new and an ornament commemorating their first Christmas as a teacher could be just the ticket. This gift will require some thought, but you can get some really great ideas by visiting


Make a Donation

This gift is a perennial favorite and works especially well for teachers who have a cause that they hold near and dear to their heart. You can make the donation in the teacher’s name, which will make it all the more special. Send a nice card to let him or her know what you have done and to think the teacher for being so dedicated to a worthy cause.


A Massage

Teachers are a stressed out bunch. After all, they hold the world’s future in their hands almost every day. Let your child’s teacher know how much his or her efforts mean to you with a gift card for a massage, pedicure, manicure, or something else indulgent. Pampering your child’s teacher with a spa gift card is a great gift.


Christmas Cheer

In the end, you want your gift to bring a little cheer into the life of the person who spends hours a day with your child. Make the gift you give to your child’s teacher fun, personal, and thoughtful. You want the gift to say “thanks” as well as “Merry Christmas.”


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