The Quest for the Coupon Organizer

My babysitter is arriving at 10 am and I will be able to have 4 hours of “me time”. What am I going to do with those precious moments? Go to the spa? No, I have given up on trying to relax. Spend time with friends? No, all of my friends have children which would negate the need for a babysitter.

I am going to buy a coupon organizer and I am as excited as a child on Christmas morning! Currently, all of my coupons are in piles with paper clips. The time I spend searching for coupons is ridiculous. Once I have my coupon organizer I will be able to see all of my money saving pieces of paper in an organized fashion—can’t wait!

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About Cheryl Maguire

Cheryl Maguire graduated from Boston College with a bachelor and master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to becoming a mom, she worked as a counselor in a variety of settings helping children and their families. She currently runs a web site called Swap Savers which is a social network for people who love coupons, rewards and savings.

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