5 reasons to send your child to summer camp

One of the fondest childhood memories that many of us have is going to summer camp. It was there that we did outdoor activities, learned arts and crafts and made some of the friends that we have to this day. So, being that we enjoyed the experience so much, now that we are parents, doesn’t it make sense that we would send our children to summer camp too?

If you’ve been thinking about providing summer camp as an option for your kids this year but you’re not quite sure if this is the best time, we have five great reasons why summer camp can be just as awesome for them as it was for you below:

summer camp

It can make them more independent. If you have a child who is naturally shy or you would like them to learn how to be a bit more independent, summer camp is an ideal setting. Although they have plenty of supervisors and counselors to assist your child whenever they need it, camps also designed to encourage your child to learn how to make certain decisions on their own. Plus, they usually have a schedule that each child is responsible for sticking to. This can ultimately teach your son or daughter to be more aware of their chores, work assignments and other tasks once they get home.

It is a great way for them to get plenty of fresh air and exercise. Although this somewhat depends on the kind of camp that you choose for your child, most of them offer plenty of air and exercise. Whether it’s swimming, hiking, horseback riding, canoeing or zip-lining (just to name a few), your child will be able to have tons of fun while getting lots of sun and fresh air and remaining in good physical shape too.

It can give them a break from technology. While most of us remember what life was like without cell phones, tablets and the internet, it’s an entirely different world for our children. And while being electronically savvy is extremely beneficial, it’s still important for kids to learn how to do things in moderation. At summer camp, they can explore other ways to entertain themselves so that they don’t have to be “plugged in” all of the time.

It can help them to develop stronger communication skills. Another thing that summer camp can do for your child is help them to better develop their communications skills. Aside from the fact that they will be interacting with a whole new set of people, summer camp oftentimes has talent shows, contests and other activities that will encourage your child to share their thoughts and skills, ultimately making them a better communicator.

It can give them friends for life. Say that you decide to send your child to¬†Padonia Park Club. Being that it’s such a popular summer camp in Baltimore, there are bound to be lots of kids there that your child can get to know and ultimately become friends with. And who knows? If they exchange email addresses, they might have made a friend or two for life, which is definitely one of the best reasons to take send your child to summer camp.


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