Choosing a cell phone plan that fits your small business

When running a small business, every decision you make is an important one. And whether you’re dealing with five employees or twenty five, keeping in contact with them is essential to making sure your business is running without a glitch. While providing your employees with cell phones to make sure you can be in touch with them can sound costly and daunting, there are a few things you can do to stop the bills from piling up. When making the decision to outfit your employees with work phones and cell plans, be sure to keep a few essential things in mind.

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  • Don’t go with a normal plan if it doesn’t make sense. You’re probably tempted to run to the biggest carrier you can find in hopes of finding a contract that works with your employees. But there may be other methods of communication that are far more valuable and cost-effective. The company Mobi-data offer a low-cost data service that opens up new doors for small businesses who would like to utilize other means of communication than calling or texting. If being able to receive and send email on the go is important to you, don’t settle for a contact with companies where you get a lot of minutes but not a lot of data.
  • Only outfit the employees who need it. If you have in-store employees, you may not need to be in touch with them like those that have to leave the office for meetings or excursions. Because you can contact your employees at a store phone, don’t waste your money providing them with fancy gadgets. Give phones to those employees who truly utilize them and explain to those that aren’t in need the reasoning behind it. They may feel like you’ve skipped over them but if you explain the added responsibility your cell phone carrying employees are facing, they’re more likely to be understanding.
  • Think about your company’s cell phone habits. Do you spend a lot of time traveling between countries? Are long phone calls a normal thing for you or do you mostly communicate through other channels like email? Keep these things in mind when choosing a plan for your company because you may find yourself in a contract that you can’t get out of.  Do your research and test out some up and coming apps to see what’s out there before assuming you know what’s best. Don’t worry too much about the long-distance options a company can offer you if that isn’t something you need – instead focus on those aspects that are the most critical and make sure you’re giving your employees all the tools they need to succeed in doing so.

Finding a company cell phone plan can sound scary and costly, but that’s only if you do things the wrong way. Finding a plan that fits your company’s habits is easy if you put the thought and effort into it and it certainly doesn’t have to be something that breaks the bank. Most importantly keep in mind the investment you’re making by contributing to the company in this way – if all goes according to plan the extra productivity your employees find will more than make up for the cost.

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